You’re All Surrounded Ep 2 Preview – Seunggi: Mom…

(video: SBSNOW)

You’re All Surrounded Ep 2 Preview, version 2.  EunDaeGu will be partnered with UhSooSun?  Curious to see how their interaction will be, since he’ll probably remember her.  And it seems the guys will all be roomies… omg LOL at Park Jungmin’s continued super excitement about every little thing and Seunggi’s ‘I don’t care’ reaction.  The ending sad scene with Seunggi recalling back his mom… and my heart breaks.  English translation of video starting at 0:08~

UhSooSun: (puts her hand out to handshake Daegu) Let’s do a good job~

JiKook: (excitedly) Daegu Daegu!! You’re going to be roomies with all of us?!

EunDaeGu: (to JiKook who looks to be fixing up stuff in Daegu’s room) Don’t talk to me. Don’t be smelly. Don’t be noisy.

(Later at the club… someone gets bloodied…)

UhSooSun: EunDaeGu! EunDaeGu! What are you doing?!?! EunDaeGu!

EunDaeGu: Mom… (soooo sad)

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