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[ENG] You Are All Surrounded – Teaser 3 Highlight Video

(video: SBSNOW – Official SBS version)

English-subbed version at [ENG] Viki – You Are All Surrounded teaser 3.  Shown at the April 30th Press Conference, and seriously like OMFG at 2:18~~~ omo Seunggi!!!!  shirtless and just perfect! (way overly buff bodies or scrawny unhealthy looks~ NOT my thing.  And also NOT into the pastey white, never seen the sun bodies either~).

I really hope the writer didn’t change around the script too much from its original incarnation.  And if she did tweak it here and there, that it was only for the betterment of the overall story and drama.

Seunggi… really excited to see you back in dramaland next week~~

EunDaeGu is seriously gonna break my heart….

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3 Responses

  1. OMG !!
    viki doesn’t work in my country ><
    i'm from saudi arabia :(
    can you upload it in dailymotion, plz?

  2. i cant open it, reupload please for another country like me, in indonesia… i really want to watch :(

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