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CUCKOO Water Purifier CF – Seunggi Greets His Fish in the Morning

[2014.05.01] Cuckoo Water Purifier CF~ Morning Greeting to Fish
English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

FemaleVoice: I’ll become more perfect. From the reservoir to even the cork, through the interior, cleanly.

(Aw Seunggi looks lovely in the morning(!), pouring a fresh glass of CUCKOO purified water, in that seriously fab model kitchen~~!!)

Seunggi: To a bright morning~
(Omg he just clinked cheers to the fish~ from his waterglass to the waterbowl!  Great concept.  And then that very real gulping sound while drinking the water~~ He makes everything seem so tasty!)

FemaleVoice: Cork purification water purifier, In and Out.

Been waiting for a new Cuckoo CF for the spring~~  It’s been 6 months since the rice cooker CF, and now we get official water purification CFs.  I’m happy.

Once again, great concept~ and perfect match with Seunggi.

Um, mom………. I think I need to upgrade my Brita water filter thing to a more healthy, pure water purification system, like the one from Cuckoo??!!

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