[ENG] ‘You Are All Surrounded’ Script Reading

You Are All Surrounded – Script Reading
English: LSGfan, Video: SBSTVJobs

You Are All Surrounded
First Encounter ‘Script Reading’

PD: Don’t try so hard to do a good job on the reading.  (Ha, laughs from everyone~ Aw I like PD Yoo already!)  Set to direct You Are All Surrounded, I am Yoo Inshik.  And this is Writer Lee Jungsun.

PD: The young main lead, playing the role of Eun Daegu~ Lee Seunggi.

PD: Cha Seungwon. Go Ara.  Ahn Jaehyun. 

PD: Sung Jiroo. (Aw respect for the veteran actor~ is that Seunggi’s voice reacting with “Wow~~”?  This is his second 1n2d Supporting Actor reunion.  Last time with Yeowul’s father in Gu Family Book!)

(Rest of the cast take a bow~ Im Wonhee.  Oh Yoona.  Park Jungmin).

The 2 mothers of Daegu and Soosun!

And even the strong child actors!

The script reading began with the child actors!
(Seunggi and Ara’s reaction~ cute.)

As expected, a super lively script reading with always-focused actors!

The chemistry of the lead actors, living up to the anticipation!
(Aw love love love Seunggi in that shirt and blue sweater. He is too lovely! Looking forward to the back and forth between him and Ara.)

Lots of laughter! The first encounter wraps happily!

Writer: I hope the filming set will be enjoyable, more than anything.

PD: With no accidents and healthily until the end, I hope this will be a drama we will complete while laughing a lot. I put myself in your care.

You Are All Surrounded
May 7, 2014 (Wednesday) 10:00pm
First broadcast!

Whoa~ Can’t believe it’s really going to start soon!

And per usual, lots of high expectations for Seunggi and the drama…
Seriously totally excited to meet EunDaeGu!!!!!!!

Getting a good vibe from the PD and Writer.
Glad Seunggi always gets to work with top-notch PDs and Writers.

Image: SBS

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  1. No, i think that is CSW who said Wow…

    And as you say, love Seung Gi’s outfit!

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