[ENG] ‘You Are All Surrounded’ Teaser 2 – Lee Seunggi

(video: seunggiairen)

I really like this Teaser #2 they released early last week.  Even the raw Korean version, you get a feel for the characters and a fun, yet moving tone to the drama.  I like how Viki already has a good English subbing team together for ‘You’re All Surrounded’ –> [ENG] Viki – You’re All Surrounded Teaser 2.

Curious to see what we’ll get for Teaser 3, if there is one.

And whether there will be more footage at the press conference next week.
(EDIT – per isplus, You’re All Surrounded original press conference set for this week was canceled in light of South Korean ferry tragedy.  We already knew that, but it seems to be unclear when the press conference will be rescheduled.  The drama is now scheduled to premiere on May 7.)

Once things slowly resume in Korea, following the tragic ferry incident and this period of initial heartbreak, I think this drama could hit the right tone with viewers.

Seunggi said the drama has “heartache but a lot of humanity, and is fun.”

All the best to Seunggi, the cast, and the production team as they continue to work hard to bring us a high quality, heartwarming drama.

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2 Responses

  1. The media has been giving mixed reports regarding the press conference but I heard Airens have decided to give out the funds (supposedly for the PC) to the ferry rescue operation? Does that mean its confirmed that there wont be a press conference? Just curious…

  2. so sad I cannot watch it on Viki… they said that it is not in my country region or something :<<<

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