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15 Responses

  1. Lots and lots of thanks to lsgfan and lovelyclover!!

  2. Wow~~~ lc!!! you’re effin amazing! Seunggi’s fans really are seriously so awesome and talented!!! You’re amazing! Can’t wait to watch the whole thing!! Thx!!! *Clap Clap Clap* for lovelyclover~~ xoxo Ann

  3. Thanks So Much Lovelyclover you are awesome and appreciated. thanks to Ann Also, as always love your postings.

  4. Your great girls ^^ Thank you very much.Now its my turn,may i have permission to translate it in turkish ,of course with full credit. Ann and tryp96 are the heros of Seung Gi’s international fans and now we have new one ‘lovelyclover’
    Thanks again for your hard work <3

    • Of course!!!! The more the merrier. Hope lots of people share this video b/c our Seunggi is seriously effin awesome! Love him more each day! Teacher and all of them on Healing Camp just love him. But how can anyone now?! He’s too humble though!!!! but THATS one of his charms, just one, that is!

      And lc~ next time, please use your name in the video! You did all the amazing work. ok?!?!?!?! :)

  5. Daebak!! Thank you so much LSGfan and lovelyclover!! Airen are so talented I feel lucky to be one!!

  6. Thank you so much for the subbed video, LSGfan and lovelyclover!

  7. Thank you so much LSGfan and lovelyclover! Have been waiting for this!

  8. Waiting anxiously from the 8th of April, everyday 3 times I checked ur blog..huhuuu…(its my everyday routine to look for my dearest Seungi) wat happens? why no update and finally….thank you sooooo much Ann, LSGfan and lovelyclover, watched it 3 times already, cant get enough of Seungi smile and love all his reaction…waiting for the second part. Tqsm again.

  9. Thank you soo much Ann & lovelyclover for taking time subbing this video.. what would we be without both of you, actually I was able to find out first in tryp’s blog and saw the whole episode and my 1st comment was there.. I was really thankful to both of you.

    Seunggi is getting manly these days, yet there is this one thing that haven’t change.. He is the same guy, the Lee Seunggi I knew 5 years ago, full of humility and sincerity. He is just too grounded that I can’t help but to admire.. I Agree with you Ann its one of the rare personality you can find in a celebrity and only Seunggi has it, and its his charm that bewitch me -:) Let this spell last for a very very long time since im really looking up to this man named Lee Seunggi!

    No pressures to both of you, but im looking forward seeing part 2 to be subbed…-:)

    Thank you again-:)

  10. Hey Airens and lovelyclover~~~
    sorry i’ve been sooooo busy. haven’t translated yet.
    hope to get ENG to our lovely lc next week.
    spring time is so busy but Seunggi’s drama coming up…
    so trying to support lots on twitter!

  11. thank you airen
    i waiting subeng
    thanks thanks thanks

    • Sorry this got totally delayed. But I believe I saw that the Healing Camp episode had been formally subbed by some site recently? can’t remember where I saw it.

      • Thank you for subbing HC, saw it last year and suddenly I missed Seunggi and his mentor Lee Sun Hee. lsgfan, if you have a spare time, can you please sub HC part 2 or post English translation (LSG’s part is ok). But no pressure.

        A cable channel in Asia broadcast SBS shows with English sub incl Healing Camp but nobody posted the subbed ep anywhere on the net as far as I know. Only saw screencaps posted by Airens.

  12. Please re upload with eng sub :)

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