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Drama PDs & Writers Select Korea’s Top Actors [April 2014]

April 5, 2014.  They’re calling it a 2014 list but since we’re only 3 months into 2014, with 9 months left, not sure if you can really call this a 2014 list?  Timing is everything.  But it is a good barometer as to the actors and actresses that are on the minds of drama directors (PDs) and writers right now.  AND ‘acting’ was not the only criteria, because after all, this is the entertainment industry and productions need to have other appeal beyond foremost acting.  Criteria also includes ‘name recognition’ and ‘star quality,’ which is why some incredibly talented actors and actresses did not make the list altogether, and why some may be ranked higher of lower than expected.

2014 Compilation of Korea’s Top Actors
Surveyed 30 Drama PDs (KBS, MC, SBS, 10 each) and 10 Writers
Criteria included Acting, Name Recognition, Star Quality

April 5, 2014 via TV Report

You Who Came from the Stars actors are enjoying the drama’s recent success, with Kim Soohyun and Jun Jihyun each coming in on top.

Glad to see Seunggi on the list.  And might I add, as the only Actor-Singer-MC with hits in all three areas?!  Sometimes I wish he’d consider focusing just on acting.  I sometimes envy those actors and actresses who can just focus on one craft area.

But we know Seunggi loves all 3 entertainment areas.  And we’re spoiled because of that!  He said he hoped to do all 3 this year too.  So I’ll support him all the way!

There’s a lot of anticipation for You Are All Surrounded, so I hope the Writer-nim especially develops an engaging storyline and draws great characters and group dialogue and scenes.

And glad to see all of Seunggi’s past drama partners make the list too~
(except Shin Minah ㅜㅜ)  We may see Go Ara appear next year… #LSGeffect

Congrats to everyone who made the list.
(But this list is bound to annoy a bunch of people).

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5 Responses

  1. hope you always succes___

  2. i’ll always support seunggi oppa

  3. except Shin Mina???
    Oh i’m so sad,,

  4. I’m glad LSG on the list but for me he deserve better ranking. There is no multi talented star that become TOP Actor, TOP Singer, TOP MC, TOP CF, TOP Variety Show Cast like Lee Seung Gi did. I agree with admin, hopefully You’re All Surrounded become another daebak masterpiece from Lee Seung Gi. Perhaps that drama hit higher rating and become new phenomena than You Came From The Stars. I really wish for this.

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