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[ENG] Healing Camp Preview – ‘Healing Music Camp Together with Lee Sun Hee’ feat. Lee Seung Gi

* Updated with Seunggi cut  (only a few seconds, but so lovely!!)

(video: racena)

March 31. SBS Healing Camp Preview – Lee Sun Hee (feat. Seunggi)
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

[Teacher singing her song~ ‘Ah! The Good Old Days’]

Lee Sun Hee’s 30th Year Since Debut
“Healing Music Camp Together with Sunhee”

MCKyungGyu: Ahhhh~ I want to return back to the good old days!

Vampire Sunhee Unni(?)
“Secret to her young looks over 30 years?”

MCKyungGyu: People don’t usually look like that!
Teacher: I had a little bit done along the way…
BaekJiYoung: Really?!

Sunhee’s Immortal Song(?!)
“Saw a song in the trash can?!”

Teacher: The song had been thrown into the trash can… To think, this kind of opportunity came! I asked, ‘Then can I sing that song?’

I’ll Wear It if You Say to Wear It
“Sunhee’s debut ups and downs?”

Provocation of Female Student Sunhee?!
“The desire of one’s heart in XX, in Shinchon”

Clean High-pitched Tone for 30 years
“There’s something particular to Sunhee?”

Because You’re My Woman~
“Seunggi has become a man?”

Seunggi: You’re… my woman…

Teacher: As Seunggi became more manly, things changed…

Seunggi: Ah this is fun!

Teacher: Edit out please! (as she makes X signal with her hands!!)

Nation’s Diva Lee Sunhee~ All Things About the Music

[Teacher singing her song~ ‘I Always Miss You’]

(Seunggi’s reaction to Teacher’s perfect pitch singing is love~!)

And… her stories that have been tucked into 30 years.

Healing Music Camp Together with Sunhee
Healing Camp, Monday night 11:15pm

Can’t wait to watch next week’s Healing Camp!!

It was originally supposed to air today, but due to a Korean political event coverage, SBS didn’t broadcast Healing Camp at the last minute last  week.  So we’ll get to see this episode on April 7, which I think works out better.  More stuff to look forward to!

Expect a classy heartwarming episode celebrating the illustrious 30-year music career of Lee Sunhee, with her ‘favorite student’ Seunggi to support and cheer her on!  As stated by the rare official press release from Hook Entertainment a while back.


And can I just say… Seunggi is looking SO handsome!  Love him!

Images: As labeled/DCLSG

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3 Responses

  1. Thank u for the subs!! ur right absolutely killer handsomeness he has here! :D cant wait for the broadcast!

  2. Oh hooray! It’ll air on my birthday. What an awesome present :)

  3. a good students for a good techer,.

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