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More Lee Seung Gi in Smart Stainless Concept Print Ads for CUCKOO Rice Cookers

CUCKOO’s stainless steel, clean-cut, shiny, sparkly, smart technology concept has been really effective.  Really hope there’s a new spring CF in the works.

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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi Introduces CJ Hello Mobile Service Budget Phones in New Charming CF (and Gifs!)

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Lee Seung Gi’s New CF Endorsement for CJ Hello Mobile

March 25, 2014. CJ Hello Mobile facebook posted about their new endorsement model with the hint~ “The Heartwarming Man capturing the hearts of noonas is who?  The model for ‘Flowers over Budget Phones’ is who?”  That’s pretty obvious~ Heartwarming Man + Noonas~?!  Called ‘al-deul phones’ in Korean,  the ‘budget’ phones have a much more cute sound to it in Korean.  Nevertheless, these phones have been a top trend in Korea, particularly in this sluggish economy…

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Lee Seung Gi Attends VIP Screening of ‘Broken’ [Photos]

March 28, 2014. VIP screening of the movie <Broken> in Seoul.  I was a very happy fangirl this dayㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Seunggi looked so classy but fashionable in that awesome Valentino cashmere camouflage cardigan over a crewneck shirt, and Converse All-stars white high-top sneakers.  I’m still meh~ on the MC Hammer pants but he seems to love wearing them!  Hair looks great and so does Seunggi!  Some press photos from the event.

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Song Kang Ho, Park Sung Woong, Lee Seung Gi and Other Actors Attend VIP Screening of ‘Broken’

March 28, 2014. TV Daily ‘Broken’ VIP Screening – LSG cut
English: LSGfan, Video: LSG TH

LeeSeunggi: I’m here for ‘Broken’ at the invitation of Lee Sung Min sunbaenim.  I’m really anticipating it.  And as it it includes our great subaenim who acts so well, I’m really anticipating it.  I’ll be cheering for it to be daebak.  Fighting!

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