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Lee Seung Gi’s New CF Endorsement for CJ Hello Mobile

March 25, 2014. CJ Hello Mobile facebook posted about their new endorsement model with the hint~ “The Heartwarming Man capturing the hearts of noonas is who?  The model for ‘Flowers over Budget Phones’ is who?”  That’s pretty obvious~ Heartwarming Man + Noonas~?!  Called ‘al-deul phones’ in Korean,  the ‘budget’ phones have a much more cute sound to it in Korean.  Nevertheless, these phones have been a top trend in Korea, particularly in this sluggish economy…

Arirang News: Korea’s Consumption Trend in 2013

(video: Arirang News)

“As a response to slow economic growth, Koreans are purchasing low-cost everyday products, while at the same time spending more on goods that reflect their tastes and interest…  The Korea trend research institute included budget phones… on its list of 2013 hit items…  Consumers also preferred to buy multi-purpose electronic appliances… like airwashers which are combination humidifers and air purifiers…”

So with Seunggi’s endorsements such as CJ Hello Mobile and Cuckoo Electronics, looks like he’s well-aligned with Korean consumer patterns!  #AsUsual

Korea is one of the top wired countries and continues to be leader in advancing mobile technology and telecommunications, and the ‘Budget Phones’ are a great fit.  Per Arirang News, the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) borrow the actual infrastructure from KT or SK Telecom.  At first, this was mainly targeted to people who only wanted limited use for their phones or the elderly, but now these phones have evolved as a great low-cost option for all ages especially with all the latest phone models available.

Trendy, cultural contents driven CJ looks to be making a big push in this segment of the industry through CJ Hello Mobile, and ‘trustworthy’ Seunggi to market their mix of high-brow and low-cost platform is brilliant advertisement strategy.  As posted earlier, many weren’t as familiar with CJ Hello Mobile and somewhat doubtful of the low-cost rates package, but Seunggi’s ‘upstanding and wholesome’ image attached to the brand allowed them to trust it more. #AsUsual

Images: CJ Hello Mobile, As labeled

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  1. waah u explained it all so well! i feel like buying it.. haha^^

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