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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi Introduces CJ Hello Mobile Service Budget Phones in New Charming CF (and Gifs!)

March 26, 2014. Benefits of the CJ Budget Phone, as Recommended by Noonas Over Flowers Lee Seung Gi
English: LSGfan, Video: lulu ibrahim

My handphone… The phone is, exactly… CJ Budget Phone.
Through this opportunity, I’ll introduce the CJ Budget Phone to you.

Your current phone number remains the same.
You get to choose from all the recent LTE phone models.
Topnotch communication quality is provided through KT.
And Olleh wi-fi can also be used anywhere at anytime.

Mobile shopping and mobile banking is a given.
Even roaming service abroad is available immediately.

Access to CJ Life brand membership is a given.
All these many services… at a 50% lower cost than others.
Call XXXX-XXXX now.
Korea’s #1 Budget Phone~ Hello Mobile.

Okay sold.  It’s so easy to follow and trust what Seunggi says~~

Noonas over Flowers and Hello Mobile are both affiliated with big conglomerate, CJ.  CJ has really hit the jackpot with getting Seunggi to endorse a bunch of their products (and programs!).  Glad he’s being very nicely compensated for his hard work!  Let’s hope Hook (just for once!) actually does something to make sure his hard work and reputable image isn’t easily taken advantage of.

Again, ‘budget’ phones have a more cute sound to it in Korean~ al-deul phones.  But then, most things sound delightful with Seunggi’s sweet voice!

Nagging ‘Seunggi-ya’ voice-overs in the below version are borderline grating.  But I guess it’s entertaining in relation to Noonas Over Flowers.  But how about HeeAe noona-esque gentle ‘Seunggi-ya’ voice-overs for a more soothing experience~?!

  (video: 헬로모바일)

omg Seunggi seriously killing me~~~~
with his killer smile and his simply charming self!
Thank you to the fans for always making awesome gifs and screencaps~~~~

Images: Fiesta

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