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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi Shows Us ‘Start to a Successful Day’ in Berocca Vitamin CF

* Updated with HD video

(video: JM Hendrix)

[2014.03.31] Berocca CF 30 sec. version
English: LSGfan, Video: LSG TH

(omo Seunggi at the swimming pool and gym!!!)
(At work, celebrating a successful project as team leader!)
(Making a killer meeting presentation like a boss!)
(Riding his bike to work in his suit and backpack!)

LSG: There are days when everything goes well, whatever you do.

That’s not by chance.  Exactly, it starts here… Multivitamin Berocca~

The start to a successful day~ begin it with Berocca.

(omo Seunggi’s getting ready in the morning and in bed!ㅋㅋㅋ)

15 sec. version – Berocca CF

(video: borijjang0202 Kim)

Omg!!!! I love this CF!!!! Love this CF concept.  Target messaging is so spot-on!  Yup, inspires me to pop Seunggi’s multivitamins and have an energetic and successful day like him!  #LSGeffect

He is seriously the ideal guy!!!  Love him more each time~

Wasn’t sure if I was watching a commercial or Seunggi acting in some project!  In the future, let’s have him play a character that is teh CEO for some big company or firm.  He’d be perfect.

We need to see a Making Film for this CF~~!!  With all the cuts please!

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