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[ENG] ‘Favorite Student’ Lee Seung Gi Performs at Lee Sun Hee Comeback Showcase – SBS Good Morning

March 31, 2014. SBS Good Morning – Lee Sun Hee Comeback Showcase
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

R: When you think Lee Sunhee, can’t leave out this person! Lee Seunggi!!

Seunggi: I am 30th anniversary, 15th album singer Lee Sunhee sunbaenim’s favorite student Lee Seunggiㅋㅋㅋ

R: Hehehehe~ (MCs and reporters in studio always heart heart Seunggi!)

Seunggi: To see her have a 30-year long run like this, I think it will give strength and hope to many music hoobaes.

R: ‘Favorite Student’ Lee Seunggi, with a heart full of reverence and love for his sunbae, passionately sang ‘To J.’ (yay, stage still getting lots of love!)

R: For the hoobaes who came to celebrate and for the fans, Lee Sunhee finished up with a powerful stage performance.

Teacher: Thank you for coming today. Thank you.
(Whoa~ Teacher’s fans have stayed by her side for a long time!)
Seunggi: Thank you. (Awww~)

R: Because of the fans who’ve loved her continuously for 30 years, Lee Sunhee has been able to show forth her unchanging nature until now.

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