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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi for ‘Firstlook’ Spring 2014 Making Film

* Updated Video with additional footage and translation

March 23, 2014 – CJmall home shopping broadcast
FIRSTLOOK Spring Season – Making Film with Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

FIRSTLOOK Spring Season – Making Film with Lee Seunggi

LSG: (in royal blue jacket) Since Outdoor is the idol of its kind.

LSG: (in grey nylon hoodie) It’s so comfortable, and so lightweight. You can pair with various other clothes… it has a luxurious feel.

LSG: (in royal blue jacket) Since hiking is also fashion. Mix-matched colors for a refreshing sophisticated look~ I think that’s a key point. I was really surprised as the clothes came out so well. And it’s comfortable!

LSG: (jumping on trampoline!) Ah~ how long do I have to keep doing this?! hehehe. I think this is the first time I’ve been on a trampoline since 5th grade! I’m dizzy~ dizzy~! (omg can I just hug you Seunggi?!)

LSG: (in canary yellow jacket getting rained on!) It’s completely waterproof! Totally waterproof! Didn’t get wet!

LSG: (in forest green jacket getting sandblasted!) Hehehe~ feels like I’m getting ttakbam (severe finger flick to forehead that’s supposed to be fun!)

LSG: [The jackets] can be worn by people of all ages as it’s comfortable and the design is good. The quality is great too. So if you’re looking for a brand that’s even reasonably priced on top of that, then I recommend Firstlook.

Lee Seunggi… wears Firstlook.

In 2013 and 2014, selling out each segment… Firstlook Outdoor.  Since launching, within 3 months, approaching $20 million in sales. It’s found a place among the top brands.

[Noonas Over Flowers. The Lee Seunggi Jacket.  Lee Seunggi Effect?]

Now Firstlook is returning with the spring package… with Noonas Over Flowers’ buzzed about Lee Seunggi airport fashion.

Firstlook spring package. Lightweight and smooth, and a great design making for a perfect outdoor. Sold out segments in this second series.  Changing the face of outdoor.  Firstlook spring package.  Don’t miss out.


Omg I love this making film!!!  Seunggi is just awesome!

Someone please make gifs so I can spazz more~~

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