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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi for ‘Firstlook’ Spring 2014 Making Film

* Updated Video with additional footage and translation

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More Lee Seunggi and Go Ara – First Day Filming ‘You Are All Surrounded’ [Fanpics]

March 22. Omg Seunggi’s expressions~♥ And I’m already liking Seunggi (27) and Ara (24) pairing.  Just based on the fanpics we’ve seen, I find there’s a likeability about her.  She seems easygoing and sincere.  Plus she smiles a lot when looking toward Eun Daegu!!!  Can’t wait to see these two interact and see their chemistry together.

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More of Lee Seunggi in Apgujeong Rodeo – First Day Filming ‘You Are All Surrounded’ [Fanpics]

March 22.  Apgujeong.  More fanpics of Seunggi’s first day filming You Are All Surrounded.  And having to act right in front of so many bystanders in a busy area… not so ideal.  Glad the fancams and fanpics we’ve seen show the actors and crew having fun!  Kinda reminds me of The King 2 Hearts and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, where they were filming in public spaces.  Something we didn’t get with fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book!  Anyway, back to THIS drama, curious about what happened with Eun Daegu in this scene…

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