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Lee Seunggi as ‘Rookie Investigator EunDaeGu’ – First Day Filming ‘You Are All Surrounded’ [Fanpics]

March 22, 2014.  Apgujeong.  Fanpics of Seunggi’s first day filming You Are All Surrounded!!  And I’m still spazz spazz spazz~~  omg it’s only Day 1 of filming and based on the pics of the actors on set together, I’m already SO anticipating the drama!!  These fanpics of Seunggi as EunDaeGu~~♥   He’s either pissed off or extremely perturbed by something!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Seunggi’s look for the Daegu character~~♥  So chic and handsome!

But something that’s been bugging me…

I wish Cody and Assistant Cody-nims had fixed Seunggi’s shirt so it didn’t bunch up like that.  Maybe it’s because he’s got a gun holder in his side pocket?  But the shirt bunched up like that is a no-no.  Especially since white shirt is paired with black pants and white sneakers.  Please Cody~~ NO ajusshi-fying EunDaeGu!!! I’m warning you… please don’t eff things up!! Seriously, dressing Seunggi ain’t hard!!!

Aw~~ Reason why he has such a HEALTHY body build!!  Always making his health a top priority~ really love that!!  (It’s totally a Korean thing!  First thing parents always ask~ Have you eaten?!)  Gaunt skinny is SO NOT attractive nor healthy.  But slim-line is very very good!!!


Someone’s been working out more than usual!!!!!

spazz spazz spazz  ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Images: As labeled, Twitter, dcLSG

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