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Expect This Lee Seung Gi for His New CF Endorsement? CJ Hello Mobile?

March 22.  Photo of Seunggi posted on instagram today:  #LeeSeungGi.  She has a few other pics with celebs in BTS filming-ish photos.  Seems like she worked on the filming of the shoot?  Could this be for Seunggi’s new CJ Hello Mobile CF?  (EDIT: It was for new Berocca CF)

No official announcement about the CF endorsement contract yet, but a few days ago, a bunch of K-bloggers started posting that Seunggi is now the CF model for the mobile service.  Many of them said they were not as familiar with the service despite the less expensive rates,  but ‘seeing trustworthy Lee Seung Gi endorse this service’ gave them peace of mind and so they signed up! #LSGeffect

Looks like CJ Hello mobile is making an aggressive push to compete in Korea’s  mobile service industry.  They’ve been successful with their related CJ ‘tving’ service.

Seunggi looks lovely as always.

That face~ those eyes and smile~ definitely trustworthy.  Always just makes us smile and feel good all over!!!  #LSGeffect.  And love his pretty spring season pants~~!!


Image:  jh_1202 via vakaala

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