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Lee Seunggi & Go Ara Laughing Together – First Day Filming ‘You Are All Surrounded’ [Fanpics]

March 22.  Apgujeong.  The ‘Eun-Uh Couple’ name posted at dcLSG for Eun Daegu (Seunggi) and Uh Soosun (Ara)~~~ Cute.  Haven’t seen Go Ara in anything and don’t know much about her, except that she had a career breakthrough with Reply 1994.  (I’m probably the only one who hasn’t seen that drama yet!)  Hence, her nabbing the lead female role in You Are All Surrounded.  But just seeing these two together in their first filming gives me happy heartwarming good feelings!  Anticipating their chemistry!

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[ENG] ‘You Are All Surrounded’ Impressive Lineup of Lead Actors Lee Seunggi, Cha Seungwon, Go Ara – SBS News

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Lee Seunggi & Cha Seungwon Laugh and Run A Lot! – First Day Filming ‘You Are All Surrounded’ [Fanpics+Fancams]


March 22, 2014.  Apgujeong.  omfg I’m laughing just watching Seunggi and Cha Seungwon laugh!  And when CSW hugs him after the cut…… Awwwwww.  Seunggi’s bromance chemistry with the Guys vs. beautiful chemistry with the Ladies  from his dramas, music, variety, cfs!!~~ So hard to choose!  But always heartwarming to the max!  And looks like we’ll get BOTH in You Are All Surrounded!  Yipee!

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Lee Seunggi as ‘Rookie Investigator EunDaeGu’ – First Day Filming ‘You Are All Surrounded’ [Fanpics]

March 22, 2014.  Apgujeong.  Fanpics of Seunggi’s first day filming You Are All Surrounded!!  And I’m still spazz spazz spazz~~  omg it’s only Day 1 of filming and based on the pics of the actors on set together, I’m already SO anticipating the drama!!  These fanpics of Seunggi as EunDaeGu~~♥   He’s either pissed off or extremely perturbed by something!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Expect This Lee Seung Gi for His New CF Endorsement? CJ Hello Mobile?

March 22.  Photo of Seunggi posted on instagram today:  #LeeSeungGi.  She has a few other pics with celebs in BTS filming-ish photos.  Seems like she worked on the filming of the shoot?  Could this be for Seunggi’s new CJ Hello Mobile CF?  (EDIT: It was for new Berocca CF)

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