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[K-Blog] ‘Healing Camp’ Fliming – Lee Seung Gi’s Surprise Appearance to Support Mentor Lee Sun Hee

Can’t believe Teacher Lee Sunhee is celebrating her 30th year as a singer!  She is seriously aging backwards!  And her pitch-perfect live voice is still the same.  As is her love for our guy!  The way she always talks about Seunggi with so much love makes me tear up… Seunggi’s really had a charmed life~ filled with so much love and support from mentors, parents, family, friends, and the public… continuously for such a long time.  And worked his a$$ off to sustain that.  He deserves only the best!!

March 20, 2014 – [Healing Camp] ’30th year since debut’ Lee Sunhee Healing Camp, Surprise appearance by Lee Seunggi – BTS photos
English: LSGfan via blog.naver.com/guccci79

In her 30th year since debuting and coming back with a new album, teacher Lee Sunhee took part in a variety program!

On this day, I worked together with our [group].

With news about Lee Sunhee’s appearance on Healing Camp, everyone was swept up in the buzz about Lee Seunggi and Lee Sunhee’s connection!

Join me and let’s together take a look at photos from the set of the Healing Camp filming~..^^..

Singer Baek Jiyoung also participated^^

For Lee Sunhee’s appearance,  Lee Seunggi joined her and supported her.

It was shared that Lee Seunggi debuted as an entertainer through support from Lee Sunhee^^

The filming took place within a very lively and harmonious atmosphere^^~

Lee Kyunggyu’s ability to talk his way through things were no joke… hehe.  He’s very funny!!! hehe. 

I really want to hurry up and see the TV broadcast~~!!!

It was great to see the Healing Camp writers and staff’s chemistry which were one in heart.  We finished filming well^^

As this is Lee Sunhee’s 30th anniversary since her debut and we’re approaching Lee Seunggi’s 10th anniversary since debut…

It was a precious time to grasp how the special connection between these two persons has endured over a long period of time. 

Aw~~~  the rare times Teacher Sunhee does a music or talk program, Seunggi is always there to support her!  And it’s always a very CLASSY affair.

And Baek Jiyoung~~ ah, more lovely people in Seunggi’s life!

Expect a super duper heartwarming show, as can only be expected for all things Seunggi and his respected mentor Teacher Sunhee! *bows down*

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