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Market O Real Brownie Blondie ‘Lee Seung Gi QR Code’ – March College Campus Event

Market O Real Brownie Blondie – March College Campus Event

Market O is coming to find you at your campuses~! Visit the college area Olive Young booth and we’ll give you a cup of coffee with a Real Brownie Blondie. We’ve prepared various events, so don’t miss out~!

March 18-19 : Olive Young by Sookmyung Women’s University
March 21-22 : Olive Young by Ewha Women’s University
March 25-26 : Olive Young by Seoul National University
March 28-29 : Olive Young by Danhangno

Time: 11am-2pm, 4pm-7pm

Visit the Market O Real Brownie Blondie Campus Sampling
March 20, 2014

English: LSGfan via Market O Blog

Hello. This is Miss O. 
Market O has surfaced at our college campus >.<
Meet the sweet Real Brownie Blondie at energetic campuses this spring.

Visit the Olive Young by the college during the month of March and take a quick quiz, and we’ll give you coffee and a Market O Real Brownie Blondie!

I too visited the flower fragrant Sookmyung Women’s University!

This very cute booth is set up in front of the Olive Young store.
Ah~~ and next to it, a very familiar guy…

Not just any brownie blondie, but there’s a simple way to receive a big brownie blondie!  Scan the QR code in Lee Seunggi’s quote balloon and take the 5-second quiz and that’s it!

After downloading the app from Naver or Nate and the like, all you have to do is scan the QR code.

A site will automatically appear so you can take the quiz!!
“Currently, how is the Real Brownie and cup of (____)?”

Choose your favorite coffee and that’s the correct answer

Market O Real Brownie Blondie is actually a desert that matches well with any type of coffee.

The Brownie Blondie Sampling Event will be open at times when deserts are most delicious, 11am~2pm and 4pm~7pm. So stop by after you eat lunch!

The lovely women of Sookmyung University stopped by the sampling booth after their lunch times and received their Brownie Blondie and coffee.

A sweet desert time, enjoying the campus fresh spring breeze?

I too took the quiz and received my brownie and coffee!
Market O even thought to package this in a pretty cup~~

Where will be the next campus to receive these sweets? ^0^
How about enjoying a Real Brownie and a cup of coffee…

on a lovely day outside that’s perfect for drinking coffee?

oooohhh I like this event!

What is it about us girls and our love for coffee and chocolate deserts~  A must when meeting up with friends to catch up on life!  Market O really knows its consumer!

Some fans think the recent CF filming photos that surfaced of Seunggi at Alver cafe in Gangnam were possibly for a new Market O CF.  If so, I’ll be SO happy!!!  Because I’m still so not over Seunggi’s ajusshi hair styling and look for the first set of Market O endorsement photos!

Whereas, the BTS pics below, taken by someone who saw him……..♥

Images: Market O, ha7712

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