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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi’s First Kiss – KBS Entertainment News

March 19. KBS Morning News Time:
[Entertainment] Du-geun Du-geun! Stars’ First Kiss
English: LSGfan; Video: KBS News

Whatever it may be, the first time for anything has a special meaning. And a first kiss can be unforgettable and memorable.  What was the first kiss like for stars?   (Various KBS drama cuts are shown, but of course!) 

From an unexpected kiss to a cute and sweet kiss.  Awkward but sweet first kisses.  Si what was the first kiss like for stars? 

The powerful Kang Hodong. Despite  always showcasing his strength, he talked about memories of his first kiss.

KHD: When I was a Year 1… with an Year 3 noona.  I was walking her home one evening. All of a sudden, something came over me.  I don’t remember the details, but I think I pushed her over to the wall! (lol. KBS drama cuts of ‘wall kisses’.  omg Korean dramas and their kiss type names!) She stood there, so I remember kissing her. It made my heart pound! (Aw~ Hodong.)

Video @1:35~2:40 – Seunggi cut

A man with a voice capturing the hearts of women~ Lee Seunggi~

(Love the Seunggi song MV cuts they showed~ Return.  MV where he gets beat up, but gets to kiss the lovely Nam Sangmi!  And MV with Park Shinhye for Japan version of Alone in Love!)

He’s kissed many lovely actresses across his various projects~

But the moment Lee Seunggi can’t forget was…

(Cut to 2008? episode of Happy Together)

LSG: My first kiss… was on a winter night in my first year of high school.

(Cut to 2009? episode of Happy Together)

LSG: We were riding the bus together, returning from after-school cram school.  I got off together with my girlfriend and…

(omg Jaesuk and Myungsoo are SO into the story! puahahaha)

LSG: You have to walk together a little bit… and after walking her home, before she went inside…

YJS: Did you reach for the back of her head or…? (lol Jaesuk SO into this!)
LSG: [I did it in] a surprising way. (Aw Seunggi really into his own story too!)

A gentleness and charisma truly hidden within Lee Seunggi’s first kiss.  I didn’t know there was this side to Seunggi-shi~

(Aw the reporter’s voice is  so cute while she’s saying this.  And the music they’re playing in the background is so sweet and the cuts of Seunggi’s Alone in Love Japan MV too cute!)

The contentment and sweetness of Lee Seunggi’s first kiss~

(Seunggi’s famous coffee alley visit on 1n2d~)

Okay, that was a really random segment for KBS Morning News! Well, it was the entertainment notes segment.  But still, random.

Hehe.  The media and entertainment industry people, and mass Korean public, are still so giddy about the Nation’s Younger Brother being in love~~ it’s really sweet.

Ha, Seunggi was on all the morning news shows (KBS, SBS, MBC) on Wednesday morning.  And for random stuff~ Not using SNS social media and first kiss segment?!  ㅋㅋㅋ

You can always tell KBS really misses Seunggi since 1n2d ended.  5 years of 1n2d is a long time…  Eps from 1n2d golden days will probably live on forever at KBS.

And how come Seunggi and Jaesuk together are always~~♥

And………..  I’m still holding out for a future project with Seunggi and Shinhye!

Images: LSGfan, DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. LOL seung gi didn’t do any KBS drama , otherwise they would have used his drama kisses.

  2. Seung Gi and Shin Hye would be magic whenever they do a drama or movie together. And I’m sure they would since they’re both from the same generation and are such huge A-listers. It’s almost impossible for them not to cross paths at some point given all the chemistry potential they showed in all their other projects together.

    Maybe it can be Seung Gi’s comeback project? Or his first movie? Whenever it happens, I know it will be so epic!

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