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[ENG] WeMakePrice Seunggi’s White Day Sweet Date Event – Making Film

March 14. Seunggi’s White Day Sweet Date – Making Film
English: LSGfan, Video: officialwemakeprice

(Banner outside WeMap: WeMap X Lee Seung GiTogether with Lee Seung Gi White Day Date.  Location~ WeMap 1st floor W Cafe)

Seunggi’s White Day Sweet Date – Making Film

[Q: How do you feel about spending a sweet date with fans?]

LSG: First off, I’m really thankful.  And every time there is an event like this, I’m thankful to have so many people show support and a lot of interest.  Ah~ I think it’s been a while since I’ve see you up close like this so I’m thankful to meet you.  I’m happy to see you.

Sweet Love Call
(ooooh~ Seunggi shakes box of fans’ phone numbers!)

LSG: There are only fans here for sure, right?
MC: Yes! (everyone yells out~ yes!!!)
Fan: Why? (everyone laughs at her frank and serious tone~)
LSG: In case my phone call is answered unhappily~ (puahahaha! Awww~)

(Phonecall winners #1, #2. #3~ Aw they all look so surprised! Cute~)

[Q: How was your trip with the Noonas?]

LSG: Um…. personally, I don’t think it was a fun trip… (Seunggi deadpans. Hahaha).  You could call it psychological suffering (LOLs) and returning with a deep sense of having recognized one’s lacking ways. It was that kind of trip.  But now having returned, and returning well,  I tend to think it was an experience that allowed me to grow and develop further.

(Omg I think he’s half-joking, half serious.  I’m totally convinced the trip was super duper hard on him… psychologically.  I feel for him but so glad it was a great learning experience!)

Autographed Signed CD Event

(omg I love the uber excited guy who got picked!  Awesome reaction!  Omg Seunggi laughing and loves it too!)

A Sweet Signing
(Always amazed by Seunggi’s fans of ALL ages.  I love how he always looks people in the eyes. Just love him!)

[Final words!]

LSG: Ah happy to meet you.  Oops not what I meant (lol. So heodang!)  Thank you so much for coming. With the excitement and love I’ve received, I’ll also do a good job in our drama filming and I’ll greet you soon through a good drama so please wait a little longer.  Next time, I’ll be seeing you often~ Thank you~

For those who were unable to be together with Lee Seunggi~
Special Bonus Track

Taking a selfie on behalf of fans~ Lee Seunggi!
(Aw glad the MC asked him to do this.)

Whenever we see him~
A smile that makes our hearts go du-geun du-geun :-)

Let’s meet again next time, please~~~

WeMakePrice Check out Lee Seunggi’s selfie at WeMap facebook!

OMG love love love this making film video!

Noticed all the managers decked in Firstlook vests!ㅋㅋㅋ

Aw Seunggi so touched to have fans love him and support him so much.  Like he was SO thankful.  I think part of him felt really bad toward fans about the dating news.  This was his first public event since Jan. 1, I think.  But he should be able to date and be in love like all the rest of us, right~~~?!?!  This is Seunggi who’s been loved all his life by so many people and family, right~~~?!

Just hope Yoona loves him to pieces as he deserves because the Nation’s Beloved Guy could’ve chosen ANYONE and he chose her.  Very very lucky girl to have such an amazing real-deal perfect guy like Seunggi!  Because while there are many amazing girls, amazing guys (especially like Seunggi) are way hard to find!! #GirlPower

Honestly, Yoona and SNSD have not been on the Nation’s radar interest for a while, despite their popularity outside of Korea.  And the dating news definitely changed that, which is pretty amazing considering that dating news in Korea doesn’t usually have a positive effect.  #LSGeffect  (Despite what SOME uninformed international fans may say; sincere true fans know this and seem to love and support Seunggi and Yoona all the more.  THESE are the fans that make me want to find out more about Yoona and want to love her, as opposed to those OTHER fans that make me feel totally otherwise!  So thank you to THOSE fans that rep Yoona in a positive way to others!).

Ah~~ rare Seunggi selfie (thanks to the MC!…… from the non-SNS guy! ㅋㅋㅋ

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4 Responses

  1. That’s what i am saying there’s some uninformed international fans who don’t know what kind of big deal seungi is in korea. and what kind of reputation, effect and respect he has.but that is not stopping me to like her , she seems to be very nice girl.

    and those uninformed fans eventually will know who seung gi is.

  2. he’s the best damn deal!!!!!

    and uninformed people live in a cave if they don’t know who and what seunggi is.

    i like her , she seems exactly the type seung gi was looking for. and she always was so happy shy and felt hinoured by his presence. i’m sure they both each othet to peicess. and she handled the media so well.

  3. Ha Ha Ha when I saw the super happy fan boy I knew you would love it too, I thought of you right away. I love how he has more and more fan boys, LOL the guy almost looked the most excitedl

    I am thrilled for Seung Gi to be dating he is a Man and one who deserves love and personal happiness. I have not seen or heard one negative thing regarding Yoona, so I cannot understand why anyone would not approve of her. Sadly the only negative I have seen, besides form the delusional Suzy fans is from Airens which makes me sad and disappointed. Yoona seems to have many of the same qualities as Seung Gi , Loving, private, she seems very professional yet funny and silly at times. I do not follow or consider my self a fan of anyone but Seung Gi but from what I have seen she has always admired and sincerely liked him and thats good enough for me.

  4. Hi Ann, first time to comment on your blog but I have been an avid fan of yours since I became a Seung gi fan… you never fail to impress me with your awesome comments. Honestly, I’m not a fan of Yoona but i never dislike her though and I’m still in the process of getting to know her more… and like other Sones who have come to accept Seung gi (who wouldn’t… as you said he’s an amazing hard-to-find kind of guy) I think I’m slowly getting there too for Yoona. More power to your blog!

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