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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi for ‘Healing Camp’ Surprise Appearance to Support Mentor Lee Sun Hee + Why He Doesn’t Do SNS

March 19.  SBS Morning Wide News
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

[Healing Camp – SNSD cut]
MC LeeKyungGyu: Well it’s okay since next week… Lee Seunggi will be here!

Reporter: Yes that was Lee Kyung Gyu’s statement about Lee Seunggi appearing on Healing Camp, and it seems he wasn’t joking.  Making a comeback after 5 years, it was confirmed that Korea’s representative female singer Lee Sunhee would appear on Healing Camp.

[Lee Sunhee, ‘Healing Camp’ appearance confirmed ‘anticipation buzz’]

As this is her 30th year since debuting, it will be a time to reflect back on her life as a singer.  The filming is scheduled to take place this week.  Well-known as Lee Sunhee’s prized student, Lee Seunggi will make a surprise appearance.  It’s been a long time since Lee Sunhee appeared on a variety program, so he will be there to cheer her on.

[Prized student Seunggi’s surprise appearance and support ‘Hoon Hoon’]
(hoon hoon = super duper heartwarming.  Always used for Seunggi!)

Lee Sunhee’s 30-year life as a singer, as well as her special ties to singer Lee Seunggi will be revealed on Healing Camp, thus this is creating a lot of buzz among music fans. (Aw Seunggi together with his amazing Teacher Lee Sunhee is just so heartwarming!!!)

In other news…

Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Soohyun, Lee Seunggi, and others.  These top stars who have a ‘Nation’s’ moniker attached to their names share a common trait.  The fact that they are representative stars that don’t do SNS (social media).  What could be the reason these people don’t participate in social media?  Let’s check it out.

Lee Seunggi, famous for being disciplined and taking good care of himself, has said one of the reasons he doesn’t do SNS is because others’ interpretation [of what I say/post] could be different and misunderstood by other people.

Kim Soohyun said he likes meeting people in-person over online communication.

Um, I don’t think all the people mentioned DO NOT use SNS altogether.  So I guess if the social media platform is in a non-Korean language, then it doesn’t count as SNS. And all of a sudden there are new people alongside the longstanding famous twosome of non social media users?  The power of an agency’s strategic use of media.  ah~ hello, paging Hook~~?!?! lol

As for the Healing Camp episode.  Can’t wait.  Seunggi’s teacher is celebrating her 30th year and is still so respected and beloved as a singer.  (My parents love her!!) And to see Teacher and her prized student Seunggi together is always love~~~  We know how much Teacher gets nervous about variety programs.   The very few times she’s appeared on such shows, Seunggi has always been by her side!  Awwww.

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