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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi Firstlook Outdoor S/S Shoot – tvN Enews

[March 10] tvN Enews – Lee Seung Gi Firstlook Outdoor S/S Filming Shoot
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

YoonYeoJung: It’s not that he’s slow, he doesn’t know what’s going on.
LeeMiYeon: He’s so sincere and so sweet but he’s too slow.
(omg I kinda cringe seeing those early Noonas over Flowers eps!)

In Noonas Over Flowers and popular as Nation’s Heodang, Lee Seunggi met Enews, showing a different charming side, overflowing in manliness.

LSG: tvN viewers, nice to meet you, I’m Lee Seunggi.

Showing off popular entertainment trends like a fashionista, his spring collection filming shoot was revealed.

Like a veteran in his 10th year since debut, Lee Seunggi skillfully strikes a pose.

[Q: Do you like the filmed photos?]
LSG: Since we didn’t have to revise them, I think they’re okay. And not having to revise any of the latter part, I don’t think they’re bad. (okay?! not bad?!)
PD: Confident?
LSG: I don’t think they’re bad. (hehe Seunggi so not an egomaniac!)

Could it be this type of particular confidence? (for me, definitely yes!!!)
Lee Seunggi, capturing the heart of SNSD’s Yoona is a given.
And soon, he’ll be capturing the hearts of women again in a new drama with Cha Seungwon and Go Ara.

LSG: The drama will air at the end of April. Please anticipate it. Thank you.

We’ll be anticipating your continued awesome activities.
This was the set of Lee Seunggi’s fashion shoot filming.

Hope there’s more Firstlook BTS stuffs to come.

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2 Responses

  1. The noona clips make me sad, he said in an interview it wasn’t till it aired that he knew of their frustration with him. and they really did play it up the first few episodes. I wonder if they feel bad.

    • I know right?!?!?! I’m sure they feel bad, but they really adore him so they probably feel that makes up for it! haha.

      Also knowing Seunggi (who’s always SO overly considerate of others), he probably feels more bad about frustrating them. Aigoo. Always more worried about others than himself. he’s just like that, he’s always been. why I think Airens feel so protective over him. also why I’m so thankful he’s had amazing parents and close-knit agency family around him who love and care about him first and foremost above themselves.

      although I seriously want to scream at Hook most of the time! lol

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