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Lee Seung Gi Performs at Another Private Cartier Event

March 11, 2014.  Cartier Korea ‘2014 New Year Party’ private company event.  Omg I was so uber excited when these photos surfaced~ our princely Seunggi performing in front of the iconic Cartier panther and logo backdrop!  Seunggi and Cartier are always love~♥️  (Last December, he performed at a swank Cartier holiday party).  A blog post, later privated, said Seunggi performed at the company event.  The awesome photo above was posted to instagram, saying Seunggi sings great and “my throat is completely hoarse thanks to our Seunggi 😍😝”


Seunggi looking so sophisticated and princely~~~ as only he can do.

Wish there were more clear photos and at least a fancam….
Maybe cameras were not allowed since it was a closed event?
But looks like some official-looking photo people were there too.
Hope some photos get released later on!

A Cartier 2014 New Year Party~~~ in March?!  Love that.

Ah~~ you can’t have a Seunggi serenade without his signature flower bouquet!

And you can’t have a Seunggi performance without him charming you to pieces!

Images via Tryp96; cropped by LSGfan

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