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2014 SBS Drama ‘You’re All Surrounded’ Upfront Sales Guide – Actors Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Go Ara

My first official post about Seunggi’s upcoming drama ‘You’re All Surrounded.’

English: LSGfan via dcLSG

<You’re All Surrounded>

2014. 4. 30.  Wednesday-Thursdays 10pm (20 episodes)
The flower police P4 are coming to capture the hearts of 20-49 aged viewers!
Lee Seunggi & Go Ara police story.
Set to follow <Three Days>

Writer:  Lee Jung Sun (Doctor Bong Dal Hee, Ojakyo Brothers)

Director:  Yoo In Shik (Giant, Salary Man, Incarnation of Money)

Actors:  Lee Seunggi, Cha Seungwon, Go Ara


Always can be watched in good faith <Gu Family Book>, <Brilliant Legacy> Lee Seunggi and <Reply 1994> Go Ara’s youthful romance.

☑ Anticipation for the combination of high success rate Writer Lee Jung Sun (peak TV viewership ratings for Ojakyo Brothers was 36.4%, Doctor Bong Dal Hee was 25.2%) and PD Yoo In Shik (peak TV viewership ratings for Giant was 38.6%, Salary Man was 22.4%).

Looking forward to see Lee Seunggi as Eun Daegu~~~ very exciting!

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