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On the Set of Lee Seung Gi’s New Berocca CF Filming [KBS Entertainment Relay]

March 15, 2014. Ah~~~ gotta love the dcLSG fans!  Awesome fanmade cut of scenes from Seunggi filming his new Berocca CF (set to one of my fave Neo song!) Now THIS was the jjang part of KBS Entertainment Relay interview I was totally anticipating!!! Seunggi really is love~~~ steady as always!

2014.03.15 KBS Entertainment Relay – CF filming scenes cut
English: LSGfan, Video: 케이크조각

In his 10th year since debut, steady popularity

Like that of the fresh spring sunlight…

Welcoming a warm spring perhaps more than anyone else…

A Date with Nation’s Charming Man Lee Seung Gi

oooohhhhhhhh. I’m even more excited about the CF now!

This note and pics were posted on DCLSG on the day of the filming shoot:

The boyfriend of a dongseng that I know went to his part time job and he said Seunggi came to the filming shoot~ Although the photos came out blurry, I’m posting them here.  Ah~ also, the boyfriend said that even though he’s a guy, Seunggi was really handsomeㅋㅋ

Omg I cannot wait to see this new CF!   And love the CF concept~ Seunggi in that black suit and backpack riding his bike to work in morning traffic.  Starting his day with Berocca vitamins to kick off a busy day at the office.

As for KBS using Seunggi in their preview for Entertainment Relay last week, and then deciding to not air the cut last week……… um, so lame.

And then using him again in the preview for this week and then airing the actual cut interspersed with recent footage from KBS shows, trying to get some juicy answers…

(video: seunggiairen)

um, I give KBS credit for trying!  Hahaha but Seunggi ain’t that type of guy nor that easy.  And they know it!  His agency doesn’t leak info to the press for media play.

Images: DCLSG

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  1. Apparently Seung Gi also mentioned “You Are Surrounded” in the interview. Promoting a new SBS drama in a KBS show – only Lee Seung Gi!

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