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[ENG] Entertainment Relay – Lee Seung Gi Talks Vitamin CF Shoot, Model Image, Strong Heart Dating, Upcoming Drama

English translation of video cut and screencaps of the interview…

[March 15, 2014] KBS Entertainment Relay – Lee Seung Gi segment
English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld/LSG Thailand

[Like that of the fresh spring sunlight…]

Welcoming a warm spring perhaps more than anyone else…

We met Lee Seunggi on the set of his CF shoot.
From Nation’s Charming Guy and now one woman’s charming guy…
We’re together with Lee Seunggi!

[A Date with Nation’s Charming Man Lee Seung Gi]

A morning with a spring breeze in the air, we were able to meet Lee Seunggi riding a bike alongside the cars.

It seemed like he would pass us by riding his bike in a cool manner but…
LSG: Ah scary~ (After getting out of traffic and off the bike! lol)
But it wasn’t easy for him!

[Q: It seemed like it was hard riding the bike?]
LSG: It’s not my own bike that I’m used to, so it was really unfamiliar.

LSG: Well, there’s not anything I’m particularly good at! (ok Seunggi and his self-deprecating answers need to stop!)

As it was a company/business filming concept, the actual CF filming was early in the morning when people commute to work.
LSG: It’s so cold right now!

PD: If you had to leave for work at this time everyday, could you do that?
LSG: The crack of dawn is difficult.  I leave for work earlier than this when I’m working on a drama, but I don’t think I could do it if I had to leave early like this everyday.

R: Since you are filming a CF within a company concept, if you were to form a company, what kind of company would you want?
LSG: The burden would be too big if I had to establish the company… The risk would be too big if it were to fail… hahaha… Either a company someone else has formed or perhaps as an employee would be better in terms of stability.

R: Ah~ for stability.
LSG: Yes, for long-term. (He’s very risk-adverse! Always thinking big picture!)

[Cut to Lee Seojin interview cut a few weeks ago]
LSJ: I was drinking with Seunggi and he’s such a good drinker…

A few weeks ago Lee Seojin shocked everyone by exposing Seunggi’s high tolerance level for drinking.

LSG: I was in Japan and felt ambushed when I saw that news. I was so shocked! haha. I always thought Hyung had a higher tolerance than me.
R: Really?
LSG: Of course. Since I have a less worn-out kidney! haha. It’s a kidney that got started 15 years later than his. But wow, to see him going at a similar same rate as me… I thought, wow Hyung-nim drinks really well. But he was already quite drunk!

R: You have a deeply strong well-mannered model image. Have you felt burdened by that image?

LSG: I haven’t felt that [the well-mannered model image of me] is that difficult, but if I had to choose one difficult aspect, I feel people’s expectations for me are quite high. In whatever I do. So I do feel slightly burdened by that.

Steadily receiving love [and popular for 10 years], Lee Seunggi has also steadily picked his ideal type as one person.

[Cut to KBS Yoo HeeYeol Sketchbook with SNSD from the day before~]

YHY: A sunbae oppa you’ve known for a long time, part-serious and part-joking, keeps pointing me out me as his ideal type… (crowd starts laughing since EVERYONE knows who the sunbae oppa is!)
R: Makes you think of Lee Seunggi, right?!
YHY: At times like this, do you think he’s interested in or not? (Q&A time which gave each girl a scenario and asked them whether they felt the guy was interested in the girl or not. Yoona flashes the green light indicating yes~)
R: Since Yoona knows that feeling better than anyone else…!

R: What is the vitamin-like existence for Lee Seunggi?
LSG: A vitamin for me…? (omg MCs in studio start cracking up at the trap question, but our awesome Seunggi approaches the question in all seriousness! Love him!)

LSG: These days… a vitamin for me... (more giggling from the studio)
My family comes to mind a lot (in all seriousness!)

If so, then for Yoona, those who give her strength… who could that be?!
[Cut to previous Entertainment Relay interview with SNSD~]

Y: For me? There’s my family.
MC: Family, okay and…?!
Y: Also friends…
MC: Friends, okay and…?!

Their answers are a perfect match too!

R: When dating, I have a strong heart toward the girl?
LSG: I’m not that weak at heart… (Aw when he answers so sincerely and shyly like that, they can’t help but to not press him further on his personal private life. #Respect)

LSG: [Asked about his new drama] I play a criminal case investigator.

R: An investigator?! Doesn’t that entail a lot of action scenes?
LSG: There probably are a lot of action scenes. A lot of running.
R: But when I searched online~ ‘Lee Seung Gi klutzy’ pops up!

LSG: Klutzy~ is correct. But klutzy people are good at action scenes! If you’re a little stiff, you appear fast. Really! The speed looks faster. So just looking at the speed, I appear fast! I just need to not do flexible stuff! (hahahaha)

I felt remiss about the short interview time, so I asked him a quick urgent question…

R: What does ‘Entertainment Relay’ mean to Lee Seunggi?
(Are you serious? What a stupid question?! What a waste of time!)

LSG: Entertainment Relay? (Seunggi’s like~ huh?!)
R: He seemed surprised by the question…
LSG: Next time… (hahaha)

That was Charming Guy Lee Seunggi~~!!

Female MC: Lee Seunggi is such a charming guy and so considerate.
I really envy Yoona.

Male MC: If you feel envy that means you lose.
Female MC: I’ve already lost!

Omg I’m so loving Seunggi’s look these days!!!!
And to think we’ll get to see him as Eun Daegu like this…..!!!! So excited.

Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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8 Responses

  1. “If you’re a little stiff, you appear fast”
    Hahaha… He always has witty teory, his mind really out of the box.
    He always sincere but not easy being traped.
    For all reporters and MC, you should try harder if you want to trap uri Seunggi. :P
    Thanks Ann for translation and your witty comment (alwaysh love it). :)

    Excited to see his new Berocca CF too, I really like his previous Barocca CF, smart and active!! >_<

  2. i love you’r blog and love love love you’r funy insights.

    thank u so much for everything you have done so far.

    i got to know about seung gi through you .

    thank u

  3. aww! another thing to look forward to his CF and we’re about to see him in bike… Seunggi’s witty answers are the best!!!
    Just like what the female MC said.. She already lost..hahaha!
    4 years ago I always hope that Seunggi will find the right girl for him yet right now that the time came, I realized I was caught up by the things I wish for him..( I need to be careful for what i need to wish in the future) hehehe im taking one step at a time.. as long as he is happy i’ll support this one true awesome guy. Can’t wait for Seunggi’s next drama.

    thanks Ann for sharing & translating this article as always.

  4. And I’m here thinking, please don’t cut your hair, please don’t cut your hair Seunggi-ya…

  5. Ann..could you please translate the netizen’s reaction regarding this?i’m so curious about it..cuz i look at at Naver..SeungGi still no.1 topic. Thanks before Ann^^

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