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[ENG] Grandpas Over Flowers – Lee Seung Gi (27) and Lee Soon Jae (79) Similarities!

Aw~ Seunggi, 53 years later —> Soonjae Halbae~♥ English translation of the cut….

[March 7, 2014] Grandpas Over Flowers cut
Deja-Vu~~Soonjae and Seunggi!
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Studious Eldest Hyung and the child-like 3 persons~
There’s a kind of deja-vu feel to this…

(Flashback to Seunggi studying on the bus during Noonas Over Flowers!)

Another guy who studied all by his lonesome inside the bus!

(Cut to Soonjae & Seunggi asking questions~ exact SAME intonation!)
Soonjae: Do you know this place?
Seunggi: Do you know this place?

The two men who would stop anyone to ask questions…

(Cut to Soonjae & Seunggi reviewing foreign language terms~)
Soonjae: Centro?
Seunggi: What would this be in Croatian?

The two men studying travel-related conversational phrases…

(Cut to Soonjae & Seunggi leading the group~)
Geunhyung: Should we call Seojin and ask him?
Yeojung: Lee Seojin should’ve tagged along.

The two men getting compared to Human navigator Lee Seojin…

(Cut to Seojin interview~)
Seojin: Teacher Lee Soonjae… if he traveled together with Seunggi, they would be a perfect match?!  Don’t you think?!  They kind of resemble each other, don’t they…?!  They have similar traits… like going back and reviewing stuff… working hard… (hahaha Seojin starts serious, but busts out laughing thinking about how similar Soojae Halbae and Seunggi are!)

(Cut to Seunggi, happy and smiling as we usually see him!)
After 53 years, this man…

(Cut to Soonjae, happy and smiling as we usually see him!)
…Perhaps may be like this…


Two of the most beloved and respected guys in Korea……..

27 year-old Lee Seunggi & 79 year-old Lee Soonjae.

I really hope Seunggi and Teacher Soonjae get to travel together!

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