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[100 DongGuk University Greats] Lee Seung Gi – Graduated with Major in International Trade & Commerce

DongGuk University PR video.  The 100 figures include intellectual and thought leaders, business and tech movers and shakers, public servants, athletes, and figures from the entertainment industry including 3 film directors and 8 entertainers… And Seunggi is the ONLY one who DID NOT study ‘Drama & Film.’  He majored in ‘International Trade & Commerce.’ ♥ Let me just geek out now!  And he completed his studies and graduated on a regular timeline.  And that’s while he had debuted as a singer!  Love that!

There are lots more celebs who studied at or are studying at DongGuk University.  It’s sorta like Korea’s University of Southern California or UCLA in that way.  This PR video for DongGuk’s 108th anniversary just happens to include these figures.

DongGuk University | 1906
Strength that Illuminates the World, Names that Awaken the World
100 Greats Making DongGuk University Shine
English: LSGfan, Video: MYDGUTV
(Entertainer figures start at 3:28~)

Lee Mi Yeon
Graduate of DongGuk University, major in Drama & Film
Began entertainment activities as CF model
Played title character in KBS Drama <Empress Myung Sung>

Go Hyun Jung
Graduate of DongGuk University, major in Drama & Film
Miss Korea
Projects include <Sandglass> and <Queen SeonDuk>
Scholarship donation through <Go Hyun Jung Scholarship Fund>

Kim Hye Soo
Graduate of DongGuk University, major in Drama & Film
Talent and film actress
Korea’s representative actress

Lee Kyung Gyu & Lee Kyung Shil
Graduates of DongGuk University, major in Drama & Film
Representative Koreans bringing happiness on TV

Lee Seung Gi
Graduate of DongGuk University, major in International Trade & Commerce
Nation’s Heartwarming Man, singer and talent

Yoona, Seohyun
Entering class of 2009 and 2010 studying Drama
Representative idol stars in Kpop
Seohyun donated $100,000 in 2013 on behalf of her juniors

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2 Responses

  1. He is definitely an ideal guy!!!! Taking a subject outside the entertainment area and also excell at it showing how brilliant our SeungGi. So proud of him ^^

  2. never thought i’d ever said this, but i miss you! haha.. been lurking around for a while and kind of feel empty these days without any updates here. Thanks for all your effort, really appreciate them :)

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