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Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won During Winners Photo at the 2013 MBC Drama Awards [Fancam]

Dec. 30, 2013. MBC Drama Awards. Sad that that some of the awesome fancams from the photo session are no longer available.  Glad this one surfaced recently.  Ah memories~ The King 2 Hearts! Can’t believe that was almost 2 years ago!  Whoa.

@1:50~!! LeeJaeHa ♥ KimHangAh reunite.

Omg she practically knocks him over!  They are too cute catching up.
And I seriously can’t keep my eyes off of Seunggi…
Especially with his song playing in the background!

@3:14~~ Omg too cute.  Seunggi jabs at Jiwon!  They are both lovable.

Love seeing Seunggi and Jiwon still so comfortable around each other!  I think she taught him so much during TK2H~~ Hope they remain friends for a long time.

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5 Responses

  1. Tell me what is the title of the background song?

  2. Omo.. Uri King and Queen.. >_< Jiwon Unnie really a lovely Noona and kind sunbae..
    Little wondering why uploader choose this song as a backsound. Did she/he mean seunggi being a bad guy that time.. hihi.. :D
    But of course I really like this song..^^

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