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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi & Bae Suzy Talk ‘Gu Family Book’ and Chemistry for Japan’s ‘Han Love’

English translation of the interview…

[March 3, 2014] Han Love – Gu Family Book interview w/ Seunggi & Suzy
English: LSGfan, Video: rize han

Host: What kind of character do you play?

LSG: The Choi Kangchi character is part human and part divine creature. Not fully human, there is a divine blood flowing in him. He grows up thinking he is human, but then at age 20, through a series of events, he learns that he is not fully human. Through his relationships with good people around him, he learns what it is to be human and this story is told in the drama.

BSJ: In Gu Family Book, divine creature Kangchi learns what it is to be human and this is the story that unfolds in the drama. And me, I love Kangchi. I have a free-spirited personality, first pretending to be a boy.  My character has great sword skills and charms. I play the role of Yeowool and I am Suzy.

[Transforming into their characters]

BSJ: Actually, I learned taekwondo since I was young so I felt confident in doing action. But upon learning for the drama, I found it really difficult. Learning to use the sword was really hard and it’s heavy too. Like kicking, I felt really confident about that.  But Yeowool uses a sword. And with practicing and rehearsals, my arm would get tired by the time we were filming, so I feel a little remiss that I wasn’t able to show 100%.

LSG: First off, when I transformed, the sounds like the growls… all those were sounds I made myself. [Host: Really?!]  Yes. I did that on my own. And my eyes, since we didn’t have time for CG, I had to wear lenses. And all the blood veins had to be painted on me. Since it was summer, when I would sweat, my blood veins would disappear! (LOLs) They would disappear over time. And when there were scene where I get choked, the blood veins were still there on the upper part, but would disappear around my neck area!  So rather than CG, we showed a lot of real aspects.

Host: You have Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seunggi and Nation’s Younger Sister Suzy… how was your chemistry?

LSG: Since we both originally debuted as singers and perhaps because she’s younger than me, it was comfortable. And although Suzy doesn’t have a lot of drama experience, she developed so much in the final part of the drama compared to when we first started, that I think she showcased work of a good actress so I think the chemistry was good. (Seunggi always SO complimenting of the people he works with, and in a truthful way~)

[Working with Lee Seunggi]

BSJ: We didn’t know each other prior to this. Just… I knew about Lee Seung Gi the star. I didn’t know anything about him as a person, so I think that was comfortable. And there wasn’t a big difference. Really, I think he was very similar to the image I had in mind. Very sincere. Very attentive and considerate. If there was something that was different… he was more funny than I had imagined. So it was a lot of fun during the filming. And he took good care of me, so I felt comfortable.

Host: What memories do you have from the drama?

LSG: Well, there were a lot of fun scenes, but afterward, what most people remembered and talked about was probably the kiss scene. (hehe~ the 2 guys giggling~) Compared to other dramas, that scene was kind of long, the running time was long too, and so I think it was somewhat thrilling/electrifying for people watching (omg more giggling). So I remember the kiss scene.

BSJ: As their relationship grew deeper, even the small little skinships were… (Aw~ Suzy giggling and totally reflecting back~) There are scenes that make your heart beat faster, dugeun dugeun. Just holding his hand briefly~ electricity sparks! (more giggling). If I had fallen, even just taking my hand and lifting me up~ electricity sparks! (aw all the giggling~ my KangDam feels~) This kept happening. It was all so funny and so touching.

Host: I also super like Seunggi’s music charms, and you wrote the lyrics for the OST <Last Words>.  What did you think about most for this OST?

LSG: For dramas, I think there are OSTs and music that are fit specifically for dramas. So we needed a particular type of song to fit the mood. Since I knew the storyline of the drama beforehand, I thought about the storyline while working on the lyrics and the message.

BSJ: I think I sang the song thinking about Kangchi. The director told me, sing it with a whole lot of sorrow. Just like the lyrics~ ‘Please don’t forget me.’ There was a time when Yeowool was in love all by herself, so I think I thought about all that and sang the song. I think Yeowool’s spirit is still with me…

[Main themes in the drama]

LSG: Our drama has fantasy, melodrama, all of that… but the most important central aspect is the story of humanity.  What does it mean to live life as a human, in a humane way?  And what kind of life brings about happiness.  It makes you think about these things.  So I think the main message is the importance of warm humanity. (I think Seunggi reflected A LOT about his life during this drama!)

BSJ: Since Kangchi is a divine creature, the sorrowful and sweet love between a partially divine creature and a human… As Yeowool falls in love after meeting Kangchi, her becoming more feminine rather than boyish will be very fun.

Host: Please share a message to viewers.

LSG: To all the loving Han Love fans, and our many fans in Japan, please show a lot for the upcoming Japan broadcast of Gu Family Book so it will be a hit, and thank you!

Looks like they did separate interviews.  I think Seunggi’s been interviewed by this host before, and not sure who’s interviewing Suzy.  But I like how they were thinking similar in their answers.

Okay sorry to repeat myself… but Seunggi is SO seriously the real deal.  As everyone says~~ there’s a reason he’s been loved for so long by so many people.

I’m glad both of them have fond memories from the drama. Curious how we’ll see Seunggi next…

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7 Responses

  1. thanks for the translation <3

  2. Ann, I really miss your post for these several weeks.. and thanks for the translation as always. :)

    I agree with Seunggi about humanity aspect. Beside my liking to Kangchi character, what make me like GFB so much is because it’s bring messege about humanity. I always touched when watch Kangchi-Lee Soon shin scene. asking myself “Did I already become a proper human?”
    GFB have beutiful love story (altough with disatisfied ending) but it’s not olly about melodrama, but also about love and fight for nation.

    and thank you Seunggi-ah, for your hard work to mainteined all that detailed expression of Kangchi, that growl, that vein, pupil act, stare, grimace, etc, your skill really impress me .. you really make me love Kangchi so much >_<

  3. beautifull translation,, thank you so much Ann Michelle unnie..

    • Very beautiful translation indeed, and it’s the work of Ann, aka LSGfan who translated directly from Korean into English. Not me. I wish I could read Korean though, hahaha. Thanks, dear Ann, for all the hard work!

  4. Thank you very much,your translations and comments made always my day. ^^

  5. i am sorry for my fault understanding ever…so, Ann and Ann michelle not same person?? i really sorry..

  6. Really fascinating kipup de gud work LSG&BSJ You guyz are amazin i really luv ur kissin scene nd tank for trans Ann Mich

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