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[ENG] Kim Hee Ae Clarifies Choosing ‘Healing Camp’ MC Lee Kyung Kyu Over Lee Seung Gi

[Feb. 24, 2014] SBS Healing Camp – Kim Hee Ae cut
English: LSGfan, Video: dalbongdd

(@8:30 – 9:45~ HeeAe clarifies why she likes MC Lee KyungGyuㅋㅋ)

SYR: I heard you wanted to come on Healing Camp especially because of Lee Kyung Kyu?! And on top of that… that she likes Lee Kyung Kyu more than Lee Seung Gi (HA everyone shocked like no way!) Um, what kind of complete nonsensical talk is this?!  Is this true?!

(HeeAe giggling, at a loss for words~)
LKG: So why would you say such a thing?
SYR: He’s nervously excited right now?!

HeeAe: No… what I meant was… Do I need to clarify this?
LKG: Are you asking if you should?! (Ha MC KyungGyu so serious!)

HeeAe: I’m really a big fan of Lee Kyunggyu. Um, he’s straight-forward… and fun (Ha. HeeAe nervously giggling as MC KyungGyu hanging on to her every word!). And I like people who are cute… (omg all of them cracking up!)  So if you were to do some kind of program with me… would you not like that?
LKG: Of course, I’d like that.

HeeAe: See that’s what I meant, but just in case… (she starts mimicking someone else’s voice~) I mean, who do you think Lee Seunggi would want to travel with~~?! Probably SNSD would be better!  (Everyone’s like~ Ah I see what you meant~! but then all of a sudden MC KyungGyu realizes…)
LKG: Wait! So what are you saying?! (LOLs)

SYR: How about you? Would you choose SNSD or Kim HeeAe?
LKG: Kim HeeAe of course! (Aw he’s known to be a big HeeAe fanboy)

I’ve never seen any of HeeAe’s dramas, but people really like her (like my dad!).  She has a very elegant and luxurious image.  And as she showed on Noonas Over Flowers, the type of personality that really encourages people around her.  She’s also a seriously respected actress.  And looks A-mazing at 48 years old!!!!  She was SO sweet to Seunggi on Noonas Over Flowers which makes me love her all the more!

I think Healing Camp will literally pee in their pants if Seunggi ever decides to go on their show!  They’ve been trying to get him on since the show started.  But I’m glad Seunggi’s waiting for the right time…

But ALL the never-ending press articles about how ‘Kim HeeAe chooses MC Lee KyungGyu over Lee Seunggi’~ Kinda annoying. But I guess we’re all used to it by now.

Like most recently… the news about Seunggi’s new drama.  And well, there’s definitely going to be LOTS more of that *sigh* Will Hook ever emerge from her cave?

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3 Responses

  1. unniiii missed you . why were you mia past couple of days??

    i love kim hea hee too , purely bcz she adored and looked after seung gi when he realy needed it. and its not her fault that they ask questngs about seung gi.

    but yah. hook are u even alive? wave ur hands and do something once in a while to prove ur not dead.

  2. LOL I still don’t understand her explanation..

    • “So if you were to do some kind of program with me… would you not like that?”
      I think she meant since at that time (before the show recording) she was to come as a guest on Healing Camp where Lee Kyung Kyu was an MC so she had to choose Lee Kyung Kyu over Seung Gi. Just as when she picked Yoo Ah In over Seung Gi when she was asked who she would choose between them at her new movie press conference recently. She chose Yoo Ah In over Seung Gu but also said “Sorry Seung Gi, since I am working as a special couple with Yoo Ah In in my current drama.”
      But I really didn’t understand what she meant when said “I mean, who do you think Lee Seunggi would want to travel with~~?! Probably SNSD would be better!” . Why did she meant in case Seung Gi was proactive like that? She wanted to mean indiretcly if she went to travel, she would choose Seung Gi over Lee Kyung Kyu like as Seung Gi would rather want to travel with SNSD (Yoona) than her, or it meant since she was aware of the fact Seung Gi has a girlfriend so she want to choose Lee Kyung Kyu over Seung Gi to avoid the annoying headlines by media or it meant so simple that Lee Kyung Kyu is at the same middle age with her?

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