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[ENG] Han Hyo Joo Wants to Act Again with Lee Seung Gi

[Feb. 12, 2014] SBS One Night Entertainment cut
English: LSGfan, Video: entertainmentSBS

(Starting @1:58 ~ Hyojoo talks about actors she’s worked with.  Aw Hwan-Eunsung. Always special to me since that’s how I first discovered Seunggi!)

Han Hyojoo has been connected to so many handsome actors over the years.  Lee Seung Gi, Lee Byung Heon, Jung Woo Sung. Go Soo, So Ji Sup. All of them are really formidable!

R: Who were you most surprised by upon meeting in-person?
HHJ: Jung Woo Sung sunbae. Seeing sunbaenim walk toward me on the filming set, I screamed out~ ‘He’s a movie actor!’ (reporter says he’s kind of like Jung Woo Sung, and Hyojoo’s like~ huh?!  But kindly plays along.)

R: The actor you want to work with again?

HHJ:  Seunggi… I’ve really seen him since we were young. Both of us, with time having passed, if we were to meet in different kinds of roles with different images… makes me anticipate how that project would turn out…

R: Have you imagined what your life will be like 10 years from now?
HHJ: I would be 38 years old.  I would be married with kids, right?  I hope my life can go on in an ordinary way.
R: About what age do you see yourself married?
HHJ: 33 or 34?
R: If it were to be that time…
HHJ: That would be the time!

Okay so Seunggi also mentioned working again with Hyojoo…
I’m sure lots of people (in Korea and internationally) would welcome this reunion!

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4 Responses

  1. shin min ah would be lot more better

  2. shin min ah would be lot more better to work with lee seung gi again

  3. well all his female actresses are nice 2 work with.

  4. Ya lee seung gi is compatible with everyone…

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