Lee Seung Gi at KB Bank ‘Hi! Story’ Savings Event [Photos]

February 25.  KB Bank ‘Hi! Story’ Savings Event in Yeo-Ei-Do.  Seunggi’s hair and suit look are just simply~  $@#^&%~~!!!  I was such the happy LSGfangirl this day!  Photos from these fans are always SO jjang.

Just look at our guy~~~ People can’t help but to smile and heart him!

Too bad Hook and Cody seem to revel in getting my hopes all UP…
Only to quickly get me all DOWN… *sigh*

Left-right hair part + skinny tie + tailored shirt and suit = Perfect.
SO very Seunggi.  Always works.  Never fails.  For example……..!!!!!

Images: As labeled, Previously Posted/Credited

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2 Responses

  1. So glad you are back and doing fine, I am used of you going in hiding for a couple weeks, but 3- 4 weeks I start to worry if you are ok, not to mention I get withdrawal symptoms LOL. I always enjoy and look forward to your posts and comments, and even reading old posts never gets old….. Thanks again and the mother in me feels better…

  2. Second what scbound just said. Checked compulsively and worried…Thanks for hanging in there…
    By the way, this KB outing, from pictures to clips, just filled me with pride and adoration!

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