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Famed Dr. Hahm Ik Byung and Daughter Talk Ideal Type, Lee Seung Gi, on SBS Variety Show

January 30, 2014.  SBS ‘Guest Star Couple’ cut
English/Images: LSGfan
Video at Tryp96: 14.01.30 Star Couple Show Cut – Lee Seung Gi

Grandma: Who is your ideal type?
Eunyoung: Lee Seunggi (giggling~ aw).
Grandma: Lee Seunggi? Don’t even look at a tree you can’t climb! (hehe)
Dad: Can you ask me who my ideal type is?
Grandma: No. I’m sure it’s Kang Mihyung (her daughter/his wife).
Dad: No, for me, it’s Sung Yuri.

(Split screen~ “For Dad it’s Sung Yuri. For Daughter it’s Lee Seunggi.”)

Grandma: What?! That too is a tree you can’t climb so don’t even look! (Ha)
Eunyoung: I like a visual like Lee Seunggi and tall. Isn’t he similar to dad?

(Both Grandma and Dad are speechless as animated crow flies by! LOLs~ “Little Hahm’s Fail Comment: Aren’t Lee Seunggi and our dad similar?”)

Dad: Hey! (jabs at his daughter for making unnecessary comment!)
Eunyoung: Ha. Is that going to get me in trouble?!
Dad: Lee Seunggi fans are going to think that’s crazy! (puahahaha)

(Funny reaction~ “A way to swiftly end all things for Dr. Hahm~”)

Grandma: Aigoo, if Lee Seunggi is your ideal type, it’s going to be hard…
Eunyoung: For me… I prefer someone who’s smarter than me. Considerate. Kind. I like that type of guy.
Grandma: Well first off, he can’t be a foreigner.
Dad: That’s okay. What’s wrong if the guy is a foreigner?
Grandma: No that won’t work.
Dad: Why not?
Grandma: There needs to be shared characteristics… (Eunyoung laughs, sits quietly as her dad and grandma talk husband material back and forth!)

Ham Ik Byung is a famed dermatologist in Korea.  His daughter is often referred to as ‘Little Hahm’ as she too is a doctor.  He’s known to be a ‘daughter dummy,’ loving and doting over his daughter.  In this episode, his daughter Eunyoung appeared for the first time, as she was visiting Korea for the holiday.  She and her dad showed their closeness and affection for one another, holding hands as they went to visit her maternal grandmother.

 photo 0183787191261.jpg

Dr. Hahm Ik Byung is well-known to have a close tight-knit family.  He and his wife, entertainer Kim MiHyung, both attended Yonsei University. Their daughter Eunyoung attended medical school at a top university in the United States, where she currently lives and works mapping DNA at a bio-venture firm!  Ok, I’m impressed.  Plus she’s got really great taste in guys!

His wife was one of the panelists on the show during this episode, and she talked about the family’s close relationship.  She affectionately said she and her daughter get frustrated with Dr. Hahm’s obsession with fitness.  That even while watching TV as a family, he can’t just sit still but will have to sit in stomach crunch position or lift arm weights!  Hahaha.  Dr. Hahm is infamous for being super disciplined.  She also mentioned that her husband and ‘Little Hahm’ are especially close.

Dr. Hahm and his no-nonsense, straight-forward, hilarious mother-in-law are one of the pairs featured on the SBS Guest Star Couple Show.  An established, reputable doctor prior to the show, he has garnered a lot of attention as an ideal son-in-law and showcased a close relationship with his mother-in-law (a relationship that can often be formal or tense within Korean family culture dynamics).

Ok so Eunyoung’s ‘fail comment’ wasn’t so far-fetched after all~~~
I can see how she thought Seunggi and her dad were kinda similar!

As everyone in Korea knows, whoever ‘Husband Material’ and ‘Nation’s Ideal Son-in-law’ and ‘Nation’s Uhm-chin-ah’ Lee Seunggi chooses to marry…
She will be considered a seriously very very very lucky girl!

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3 Responses

  1. Right now the lucky girl is yoona

    • Hopefully that girl will always be lucky…they’re both lucky to have each other. Just wish we could see them interact again…especially now. >.<

  2. “I prefer someone who’s smarter than me. Considerate. Kind. I like that type of guy.”
    So, that mean she think Seunggi smarter than herself, and she’s so smart herself, works mapping DNA at a bio-venture firm. Wow!!
    I think I like her, not mad at all she said Seunggi similar to his father, since his father a great man too.. :)

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