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[ENG] Showbiz Korea – ‘True Multi-Entertainer’ Lee Seung Gi

(video: seunggiairen)

February 13, 2014. Showbiz Korea Ask Us cut.  “Celebrating 10th year since debut~”

Aw love all the clips they used in this cut~ Seunggi’s debut song, first drama Famous Princesses, lovely Hoi Couple from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, unforgettable 1n2d, and current and past CFs (CUCKOO, Ambassador for National Election Commission for Korean Presidential Election, Heritory).  Whoa~ all the memories…… huhu.

Loving the descriptors (most we’ve already heard!) about our Seunggi:

“Midas touch”
“Flawless acting”
“Clumsy ‘Heodang’ side”
“Made everyone laugh”
“Model of the year chosen by consumers”
“Most loved commercial model”

And lastly…..

“He is a TRUE Multi-Entertainer and we’ll look forward to his future activities.”

Really curious about what we’ll see from him in this 2014 year……..

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