[Blog] Meeting Lee Seung Gi Over Flowers at KB Bank

Feburary 26, 2014. Meeting Lee Seunggi Over Flowers
English: LSGfan via seanpyo.com

Somehow I get to see Lee Seunggi often. I think he’s a celeb with great self-management. Well-mannered, not engaging in needless talk.  Lee Seunggi is a self-confident young adult but as a celeb, it’s hard to see self-importance in him. Perhaps I believe this is the reason why he has been beloved for so long.

I met Lee Seunggi by chance, as he was there for personal reasons, not an official event. (I also got to hear him talk everyday life stuff which I can’t reveal here^^)  It’s like the guys were blushing more^^

After he had visited, at that window counter

This message was simply hanging on the wall. “Mapo employees! Please make customer success stories! And be prosperous♡ Lee Seung Gi 14.2”

This male blogger’s post is really cute.  hehe.  Always love the respect and admiration Seunggi gets from the guys… of all ages~~ Dongsengs. Peers. Hyungs!

Seunggi was obviously visiting a KB Bank in Mapo.  And it was the same day as the KB Hi! Story Savings event.  But the blogger said Seunggi was there for personal reasons, that it wasn’t an official event thing.  I’m curious.

This photo is just too perfect.  Seunggi w/ great hair,  in skinny tie and tailored suit~♥
He can always pass as a KB exec every time he attends an event.

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