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‘A-list’ Endorsement Models – Lee Seung Gi, Jang Dong Gun, Jo In Sung – Dominate Household Appliance CFs

Household Appliance CFs Dominated by ‘A-list’ Heartwarming Men
[March 2, 2014] By Kim Ah Rang
English: LSGfan via Yonhap News

CUCKOO Lee Seung Gi – CUCHEN Jang Dong Gun – WINIX Jo In Sung.

“Marketplace Competition is ‘Fierce’… Sales, CFs, Impact are Exceptional.”

Household appliance companies are competitively showcasing top-star male entertainers as their endorsement models.  Just as much as housewives are the prime target demographic, appointing ‘Hoon-nams’ (Heartwarming Men) as endorsement models is the marketing strategy of choice to bring about increased impact.

According to the current electronics industry, in September of last year, CUCKOO Electronics selected singer-actor Lee Seung Gi as its new endorsement model, upon the heels of actor Won Bin who had been the model for about 3 years.

Around the same time, the launching of the ‘Full Stainless 2.0 Eco’ rice cooker was timed with the broadcast of Lee Seung Gi’s TV commercial, aggressively spreading ‘Lee Seung Gi Marketing.’

In the commercial, making rice for a supposed girlfriend, Lee Seung Gi also participated in the product launch event and personally introduced the product.

Fronting Lee Seung Gi in their marketing for the new product, this resulted in about $10 million sales within 4 months since product release.  And the first 2 months of sales exceeded previous new product average sales by 100%.

In leading export marketplace China, the high recognition of Lee Seung Gi as a ‘Hallyustar’ is also taken into consideration.  Lee Seung Gi’s image is aggressively being utilized in advertisements in Korea’s Duty-Free locations and stores, and on-site in China.

In September 2012, Lihom CUCHEN showcased actor Jang Dong Gun as its endorsement model.  Currently, Jang Dong Gun appears on TV commercials for Lihom CUCHEN rice cookers and other products.

The ‘Top-Grade Iron Classic Rice Cooker’ advertised by Jang Dong Gun, also known as the ‘Jang Dong Gun Rice Cooker,’ experienced favorable sales.  The company communicated that for over 3 years and even now, their popularity is high with monthly average of about 7,500 product sales.

Last April, WINIX began an aggressive marketing campaign with actor Jo In Sung as their endorsement model for their dehumidifier brand.

Last year, the dehumidifier marketplace grew two-fold, and WINIX analyzed the day its market shares increased over 50% as the ‘Jo In Sung Effect.’

According to a WINIX representative, “Our consumers and credibility increased as Jo In Sung, with his clean and luxurious image and good acting positively impacted our product image.”

Actually, as the WINIAMANDO kimchi refrigerator ‘Dimchae’ model since 2011, becoming the rival WINIX model has also brought about competition between the two companies.

Currently, Lee Seung Gi – Jang Dong Gun – Jo In Sung are all ‘A-list’ endorsement models.  It has been revealed that the valued rate for most significant CF models is typically $700,000~$1 million.

As one business insider explained, “Although these endorsement models were selected after deciding there was a good match with brand and product image, companies investing big-time in their models means that the marketplace competition is that fierce and there is circumstantial evidence that ‘Big Models’ also contribute to increased sales effect.”

Seunggi’s CF endorsements have always had fierce competition in the business marketplace.  And with rival brand top models who are older and more established.  So I guess this is not really anything new. (Although I’m still pretty amazed by him being the only guy in his 20s peer group)!

But the recent $10 million generated in sales (in 4 months!) for the new CUCKOO rice cooker product with Seunggi is like~~ whoa!  Seriously WOW.

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