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[ENG] Showbiz Korea – ‘True Multi-Entertainer’ Lee Seung Gi

(video: seunggiairen)

February 13, 2014. Showbiz Korea Ask Us cut.  “Celebrating 10th year since debut~”

Aw love all the clips they used in this cut~ Seunggi’s debut song, first drama Famous Princesses, lovely Hoi Couple from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, unforgettable 1n2d, and current and past CFs (CUCKOO, Ambassador for National Election Commission for Korean Presidential Election, Heritory).  Whoa~ all the memories…… huhu.

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Famed Dr. Hahm Ik Byung and Daughter Talk Ideal Type, Lee Seung Gi, on SBS Variety Show

January 30, 2014.  SBS ‘Guest Star Couple’ cut
English/Images: LSGfan
Video at Tryp96: 14.01.30 Star Couple Show Cut – Lee Seung Gi

Grandma: Who is your ideal type?
Eunyoung: Lee Seunggi (giggling~ aw).
Grandma: Lee Seunggi? Don’t even look at a tree you can’t climb! (hehe)
Dad: Can you ask me who my ideal type is?
Grandma: No. I’m sure it’s Kang Mihyung (her daughter/his wife).
Dad: No, for me, it’s Sung Yuri.

(Split screen~ “For Dad it’s Sung Yuri. For Daughter it’s Lee Seunggi.”)

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‘A-list’ Endorsement Models – Lee Seung Gi, Jang Dong Gun, Jo In Sung – Dominate Household Appliance CFs

Household Appliance CFs Dominated by ‘A-list’ Heartwarming Men
[March 2, 2014] By Kim Ah Rang
English: LSGfan via Yonhap News

CUCKOO Lee Seung Gi – CUCHEN Jang Dong Gun – WINIX Jo In Sung.

“Marketplace Competition is ‘Fierce’… Sales, CFs, Impact are Exceptional.”

Household appliance companies are competitively showcasing top-star male entertainers as their endorsement models.  Just as much as housewives are the prime target demographic, appointing ‘Hoon-nams’ (Heartwarming Men) as endorsement models is the marketing strategy of choice to bring about increased impact.

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Lee Seung Gi at KB Bank ‘Hi! Story’ Savings Event [Photos]

February 25.  KB Bank ‘Hi! Story’ Savings Event in Yeo-Ei-Do.  Seunggi’s hair and suit look are just simply~  $@#^&%~~!!!  I was such the happy LSGfangirl this day!  Photos from these fans are always SO jjang.

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[Blog] Meeting Lee Seung Gi Over Flowers at KB Bank

Feburary 26, 2014. Meeting Lee Seunggi Over Flowers
English: LSGfan via seanpyo.com

Somehow I get to see Lee Seunggi often. I think he’s a celeb with great self-management. Well-mannered, not engaging in needless talk.  Lee Seunggi is a self-confident young adult but as a celeb, it’s hard to see self-importance in him. Perhaps I believe this is the reason why he has been beloved for so long.

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Lee Seung Gi & KB Bank President Kick-off ‘Hi! Story’ Event

February 25, 2014.  KB Bank president Lee Gunho and CF endorsement model Lee Seunggi took a commemorative photo to kick off the ‘KB Hi! Story Installment Savings Plan.’  The event is aimed at encouraging customers to save long-term toward retirement and beyond.

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