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2013 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert [Photos] ④

December 2013.  Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert.  Not used to seeing clean-cut, suit or preppy look Seunggi in grunge rock wear… makes this extra special.  He needs to wear these type of t-shirts WAY more!  Sweating it up, singing his heart out~~

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‘Gu Family Book’ Japan Blu-ray & DVD trailer starring Lee Seung Gi

(video: NBCUniversal Entertainment)

Gu Family Book Blu-ray & DVD trailer is really niiiice~ I think I like Gu Family Book more seeing it like this, after it aired, knowing what happens.  Something about all of Seunggi’s dramas, even long after it airs, all the “feels” come back when watching clips of them!  The trailers and promos in the non-Korean markets have been SO niiiice.  Looks like they’re going to release the Blue-ray and DVD in sets, over 3-4 months?!  Really like the Japan Gu Family Book site~

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Lee Seung Gi for KB Financial Group Endorsement ‘Happy Smile, Happy Life, KB Life’ Promo Ad

I think this is the first time we’ve see Seunggi on a promo ad for KB Life.  On January 26, KB Financial Group’s life insurance division, KB Life, updated its FB page with ‘Happy Smile, Happy Life, KB Life’ Seunggi~ the motto is such a perfect match for our guy… since his life is all about living in happiness with a happy smile!

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‘Will You Marry Me’ Lee Seung Gi for Cuckoo CF Making Film

(video: jamevudocu)

This first CF for CUCKOO first aired September 2013 and only just now, they’re releasing this precious making film?!  ooooh~ his knife skills.  Why does the rice Seunggi made look SO delicious and fresh~~?!

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