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Lee Seung Gi with Cute Little Girl for Hanwoo CF BTS photos + Making Film

Now that Lunar New Year is over and our PR Ambassador’s activities will wrap up…. Can’t remember why I didn’t post this back in the summer.  I was probably revolting against Seunggi’s ajusshi style (or something like that, again!)  lol.  But can’t help to Awww at Seunggi and the little girl from the Hanwoo CF.  Her mom’s blog entry about the CF shoot is cute~~ Mommy, is Seunggi oppa really a gumiho? ㅋㅋ

2013.05.07 – Blog post excerpt about the CF filming
English: LSGfan via Naver blog

Gu Family Book’s Choi Kangchi.
CF filming with the awesome Lee Seunggi^^
Photo of Chae-eun and handsome and well-mannered Lee Seunggi!
Just looking at the photo, he is an actor who makes you happy~♥

After Chae-eun finished filming, she watched Seunggi oppa from afar~
Mommy, is Seunggi oppa really a gumiho? ㅋㅋ

Lee Seunggi during his filming part^^

Posted recently by the guy who also participated in the CF~
I really miss Seunggi’s Kangchi long luscious locks….

Hanwoo CF Making Film [Summer 2013]
It’s like a mix of Sound of Music and 1N2D!  with ajusshi-style Seunggi thrown in!

(video: AirenVideo)

Images: Naver blogs

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