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Lee Seung Gi Makes Rice for Cuckoo CF Making Film [Gifs] ①

September 2013 Cuckoo CF Making Film GIFs and screencaps.  Omg these Gifs are killing me~~ is he really measuring the water while holding the rice pot up like that?!

He is showing WAY too much love for that rice cooker!!!

Omg who wouldn’t trust this precious person and buy this?!

love love love these screencaps!

I guess now that’s he’s made the rice, he has to show us how good it tastes~
So it makes us want to eat really yummy, fresh-made rice….
And makes us go out and buy an expensive premium rice cooker!
(even though I don’t know how to cook!!!!)

Seunggi talking into the camera (silently in these gifs)~♥
I’m giggly just watching~~~

Gifs and screencaps from 아마레 are always awesome!!!!

Images: 아마레/DCLSG

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