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‘Will You Marry Me’ Lee Seung Gi for Cuckoo CF Making Film

(video: jamevudocu)

This first CF for CUCKOO first aired September 2013 and only just now, they’re releasing this precious making film?!  ooooh~ his knife skills.  Why does the rice Seunggi made look SO delicious and fresh~~?!

My mom, all my aunties, and their friends swear by Cuckoo rice cookers~ they say the cooked rice is more fresh and tasty made in a Cuckoo.  And now that I have one, I can say~ it’s true.

There’s a reason it’s the #1 rice cooker in Korea!

Looking forward to the next CF for Cuckoo, and the concept for it.

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4 Responses

  1. He’s beyond adorable here <3
    I'm kinda disappointed with Cuckoo, just because they're so low key with promotion, are they always like this before or they think they had Seung Gi and he "sells" so they don't need more promotion? Hopefully we'll see more CFs.
    By the way, do you hear anything about his new drama? Rumours? Sorry, I'm getting impatient…

    • Yup, Cuckoo doesn’t need to really “promote.”~~ Honestly, I hope his next cuckoo cf will be less of the adorable and more of the real man Seunggi!

      as for the drama — I’m just going to patiently wait until Seunggi’s agency confirms. The news that was widely spread about his participation in that drama was press released NOT by Seunggi’s agency (like usual). The Korean portal sites have been talking about it for a while, but it’s all speculation until things are official. So I think we’ll just have to wait and see…

      • I’m fine with both Seung Gi but I know what you mean.
        I’m usually not that impatient but he’s so quiet lately makes me feel a bit empty, I guess I have to wait a little more…
        Forgot to say, thanks for your awesome blog, this a great place for Seung Gi’s fans :)

  2. I hope we get a new cuckoo CF soon!

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