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CJ Creative Forum 2 – Full tvN Cut + Lee Seung Gi and Na PD Bromance

(video: CJ E&M)

Jan. 21, 2014 – CJ Creative Forum 2, Yonsei University.  This tvN broadcast version aired on Jan. 28, and was edited down to 1 hour.  So some of the funny, but less relevant talk, was not included.  But proves that while live cuts are fun, good editing definitely makes for a much more neat and tight segment.  Curious how we’ll see Seunggi + Na PD + Lee PD (and Writer Lee?!)….  together, next time around???

Congrats again to Seunggi for doing a great job!
And holding his own with these much older music and variety PDs!

Seunggi was SO happy when they showed this old photo~
Na PD and Lee PD during 1n2d filming long time ago!

None of them mentioned 1n2d by name once during the forum…
They just referred to it as “traveling outdoors during the weekends”~~
and EVERYONE knew what show they were talking about.  lol

These awesome 3 guys being all bromantic at the start of the forum~

And Na PD getting all bromantic and cuddling with Seunggi at the end~
I wish they showed more Na PD – Seunggi moments on Noonas Over Flowers!

CJ KNOWS how to do an event!
I’m still getting used to their aggressive promotional style…
which is normal and on par with other big companies…..
BUT majorly intense compared to Seunggi’s we-do-not-promote PR style agency!

Great marketing idea from Firstlook to give out these simple white shirts with the new outdoor brand name on it.

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs

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