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2013 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert [Photos + Thanks Video] ⑤

December 2013.  Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert. Not sure if this was Day 1 or Day 2.  Seunggi’s eyes are always SO sincere~  makes me teary huhu.  His message of thanks~ to fans, even calling out countries abroad (that he could remember and hear from the crowd! lol), Hook family, all the musicians and staff.  And ending with “Last Words” from Gu Family Book OST.  English translation and fan photos…

Thank You cut from 2013 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert, Seoul
English: LSGfan, Video: Ka Lai Tse

“Last Word”~
As I hide behind my tears, I wait for you…

LSG: Thank you so much to our fans. To be able to stand here at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, I sincerely thank you. There are so many people I’m grateful for.  I think I was born with more blessings than talent. (Fans: No way!) I’m so thankful to meet our warm fans. And all our staffs who worked so hard behind the scenes to prepare for this concert stage, I want to say thank you.

I really take a lot of pride in this concert stage.  And in seeing any of our Nation’s concerts, I have confidence I will not get exhausted.  And for making this concert happen, all our Hook Entertainment family members, and President Kwon, and for always being a pillar of strength for me whenever I sing, Lee Sunhee sunbae-nim, together with President Kwon always making sure my vocals sound good to your ears.  Once again, thank you to all our Hook Entertainment family members.

And to my family.  And the musicians behind me, they are truly top musicians in our Nation. Actually, I’ve only held my concerts in Seoul, and although they could have more opportunities if they were to participate in more of a nationwide tour around this time, they always give their all so we can have a high quality concert.  Please give a hand to our band members once again.

And also, at the opening and in between the stages, thank you again to our dance team.  And beyond that, all the people who helped make these stages happen, the accompanists and all the staff, thank you once again.

This year, there will be an end of the year concert in Daegu and Busan as well. It will be on December 24 and 28.  So I don’t think you’ll have to be lonely on Christmas Eve~ haha. Boyfriends, husbands, family members~ bring them all.  We’ll prepare a wonderful concert.

And so that you won’t feel wistful, concert in Japan has been finalized. Fans abroad in Japan, China, and… Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia… and where else is there… Singapore… Hong Kong, Taiwan… (aw Seunggi being so cute here, while fans screaming out countries~)… um, countries all over Asia~!  (Ha so diplomatic).  To all our fans who came to Korea for this concert, thank you once again.

I hope the time we spent together will become deep-hearted memories for you.  Sincerely, thank you so much for coming here today.  Thank you.

(“Last Word”~)
The words “I love you~” The words “Wait for me~”
They just linger in my ears.  The words I couldn’t say put me in pain.
In my hurt heart.  In my heart that’s crying on the inside.
I couldn’t say anything and my memories ride in the wind.
As I hide behind my tears, I wait for you…

The end and other suit suit looks~ love these fan pics!
from 2013 Hope Concert Day 1 and Day 2~
(and I think a few Daegu and Busan pics mixed in?!)




Images: DCLSG, Twitter, LSG Thailand

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks again for all your postings and translations. We can never get enough of Seung Gi.

  2. lol you’re so funny! i scroll down and read every single words you wrote, all the waahs and awws and i cant get through the ‘omo~” haha
    thanks for sharing :)

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