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[ENG] CJ Creative Forum 2 – Lee Seung Gi’s Connection to the Music and Variety PDs

Seunggi’s relation to the 4 PDs and footage of his debut, as a singer, on MNET. lol. The original 1n2d production/writing team~ seriously amazing.  So cool that they still work together and have so much respect for one another… and Seunggi.  English translation and photos…

[2014.01.21] CJ Creative Forum 2, Yonsei University
Lee Seunggi’s connections to all 4 PDs
English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

LeePD: I’ll need to find a way to use Lee Seunggi~ (Lee PD is senior to Na PD; he oversaw original 1N2D, directed Reply 1994, and oversaw Noonas Over Flowers and Grandpas Over Flowers).
LSG: Ha. As you saw [in NoonasOverFlowers], I’m not of much use!
SuhMC: Why~ ‘Can I ask you something?!’ (LOL)
LSG: Yes, that and ‘reservation’…! hahaha.

SuhMC: So you’re planning for your next project?
LeePD: Yes. Na PD is preparing for the next travel trip and I’m taking time thinking over things. We’ll have to include Lee Seunggi somehow. hehe.
SuhMC: Already inviting people…?! Your hairstyle looks really good today.
LeePD: Today is the first time, since I was born, a stylist helped me.

LSG: Since it’s a live telecast today, the 4 PDs all put on make-up.  Close up, I can really tell on Na PD! (puahahaha). And Lee PD, I was like what’s going on, since he put on so much BB cream! Ha.
SuhPD: You could’ve shaved before coming out!
LSG: Yes, some trimming would’ve helped!

SuhPD:  Na PD, your face tends to get red quickly…
NaPD: Because I tend to be shy. (LSG’s expression~ like yeah right! Ha)

SuhPD: Lee Seunggi, you have a connection with all these PDs, right?
LSG: Correct. I debuted in 2004 as a singer on MNET. And met Shin PD (MAMA). and Lee PD (SuperstarK) had been doing a music program for a long time. So I met them through music programs when I was young.  (Crowd starts cracking up~ Old footage of Seunggi’s debut days flash on big screen!  LSG is speechless! Ha)

(omg this video footage gif~ and his reaction!~ puahahaha)

SuhPD: Aw, you’re so pretty.

ShinPD: That’s 2004 when we first created the Mcountdown program.

SuhMC: He was already a ‘Real Man’ back then. Wow.  That’s the Mcountdown program Kim PD.  Wow, the pants were really wide!
LSG: Back then, my fashion role model was Kim Jangho sunbaenim. (LOL) And, I try not to work with MNET because they have so much old footage on me!  I don’t when they’ll use what!  I’m a bit nervous today.

LSG: And my connection with Lee PD and Na PD, as many of you know, we spent many years spending our weekends outdoors, working hard through that variety program.  Spending time together during those golden days.  It’s doing fine now, I’m not saying it’s not doing well! (LOL)

LSG: When I was young and still starting out, I’m happy to have been together with these 4 PDs. (Awww)
SuhMC: Wow, this is not an easy thing… Lee Seunggi has a connection with all four PDs and must know a lot of their secrets too.  So please share a few here and there as we go along.

LSG: Since we’re still in the early phase, I will when they loosen up a bit.

SuhMC: I don’t have connections with any of these 4 PDs! (lol Seunggi busts out laughing. I love to hear his laugh!)  Today is my first time meeting them~ a connection between PDs and program participant.

[Fancam] Seunggi close-up during this part of the talk… lol

(video: mijoi0113)

Images:  As labeled, Naver blogs

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  1. many thanks for the translation Ann …. awww SeungGi looked so cute when he was shy ….. can I take him and put him in my pocket forever ^^

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