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[Blog] Lee Seung Gi at CJ Foodworld Cooking Studio~ Why?

Aw~ I like this blogpost from someone, who by chance, saw Seunggi at the event~ These kids in their chef hats, jackets, and aprons are too cute.  And Seunggi is just… what else is there left to say~~~

Lee Seung Gi at CJ Foodworld Baeksul Cooking Studio… Why?? | My story
January 30, 2014
English: LSGfan via blog.daum.net/dmsql9815/81

CJ Foodworld……
I stopped by there to meet a friend, as there are many food eats there.
(Although it wasn’t today.ㅋㅋㅋ)

CJ Foodworld was particularly bustling and lively today
Especially in the Baeksul Cooking Studio area??ㅋㅋㅋ

I was wondering why, and then I saw a handsome heartwarming guy wearing an apron…  Was it possibly Lee Seunggi….
I was so happy, I had to take a photo

Also at the Baeksul Studio, cute kids wearing aprons were
Children Over Flowers??
They were making something.  Later on I found out…

Our Seunggi… >0<
He personally wanted to participate in the CJ Donors Camp…
Truly, handsome guys are different…
Seunggi said that he wanted give back as much love as he has received
and wanted to meet personally with the kids :)
Ahhhh~~~ so pretty!!!!

I saw this photo of Lee Seunggi making ricecake soup with this girl
Can’t help but to be so envious…
(Even though he is now Yoona’s man… I was still envious….ㅠㅠ)

It made me think….
As expected, you are a man completely worthy to receive love…>0<

A few more photos from the event~~
Hope there’s some BTS video please.
Seunggi and kids are always soooooo cute and heartwarming.

Images: Daum blog, Tryp96

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