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Lee Seung Gi and Chungdo Students Make Ricecake Soup for Lunar New Year – CJ Donors Camp ‘Culture for Children’

* Updated with more photos from CJ Blog

CJ Donors Camp, Lee Seung Gi and Chungdo Students
Make Ricecake Soup in Cooking Class

[01.30.2014] Sung Ji Yeon, CJ Blogger
English: LSGfan via CJ Blog

Fans more lovely than flowers: People who make stars shine even brighter through donation projects

Fans and stars are really similar.^^ Lee Seunggi is famous for his bright shining and sincere image.  His official fan club, “Airen” held a “Hope Donation Project” to celebrate the “2013 Lee Seunggi Hope Concert.”

The fans and Lee Seunggi’s agency together had gathered 113 winter jackets, 6600 ramens, 2000 coal bricks, and rice, and while thinking about who to donate this to, they thought of children who lived on the islands.  Lee Seunggi had traveled all over Korea when he was on “1 Night 2 Days,” and he knew how cold and windy it got on the islands during the winter.

Choosing which island to deliver these donations was not easy.  Thus, that is how CJ Donors Camp and Lee Seunggi came together.  (CJ Donors Camp is an online platform that supports varied educational programs for underprivileged children and teens).

An encounter more lovely than flowers:  The special ricecake soup made by Lee Seunggi and the island children

It was a domino effect afterward, as happens when lovely hearts impact other lovely hearts.  Upon hearing the students were really happy to receive the clothes, asking ‘Did Lee Seunggi hyung really give us this,’ the CJ Donors Camp received word that Lee Seunggi wanted to meet the children.

18 students from the islands associated with the Chung-do Community Center prepared for their trip to Seoul, which focused on culture education, and Lee Seunggi and the students met for a cooking class.  Finally, January 27~ Making special ricecake soup event was held at the Baeksul Cooking Studio space at CJ Cheil-Jedang Center.

‘Wow, it’s really Lee Seunggi oppa,’ ‘It’s like how he is on TV,’ No, he’s more awesome’~ these were the excited whispers when he appeared at the Baeksul Cooking Studio space.  They were so happy and excited but also very nervous.^^;

It was a little awkward since they were meeting for the first time.  In order to get Lee Seunggi and the students a little more comfortable, the sensible chef suggested a race in slicing the ricecakes.  Lee Seunggi, who had shown knife skills rivaling the chef, was considerate and thoughtful letting the students shine.

 photo 09234802-3.jpg

As soon as you knew it, it was a lively atmosphere and there was laughter and talk everywhere.  They would make ricecake soup and kimchi pancakes, in celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year.  I’m anticipating Lee Seunggi’s cooking skills.  While the chef led this cooking time, Lee Seunggi also guided the students and took care of them through his cooking senses and attentiveness.

‘Hahaha, you think hyung is going to show you something special, right?  But XX friend next to me is better.’  ‘My dream is to be a chef.’  ‘Ah, really, no wonder~~ you were good.’  They talked and complimented each other, and as soon as you knew it, the kimchi pancakes and ricecake soup were ready. 

Conversations more lovely than flowers: Communicating through our dreams, and unforgettable gifts

This meal was even more special because they got to share and talk about their dreams.  When one of the students asked, “What does a dream mean for Seunggi hyung?” Lee Seunggi’s answer remains memorable to me. 

He said, “I think a dream is something that stirs our hearts.” 

At the end, Lee Seunggi gave each student a calendar with his photos, and had signed each one with the student’s name and his own signature.  The CJ Donors Camp and the community center had not requested this, but he indeed prepared these in advance.  You could once again see his sincerity in wanting to meet the children.  I cannot explain in words how happy the students were. *^^*

Reciprocating with his brilliant smile, Lee Seunggi, you are so awesome~ Thank you. We also prepared some gifts.  In addition to meeting Lee Seunggi in cooking class, the 18 students from the Chung-do community center spent January 26-28 in Seoul and got to see a movie/musical, visited Korean cultural historic sites, ate out, and got to engage in various cultural experiences.  We hope this will be a wonderful memory for them, and that it was a time for them to reflect on their feelings and future dreams.

Love the event banner~
CJ Donors Camp ‘Culture for Children’
Lee Seung Gi and Children Over Flowers

Images: CJ, Chosun

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  1. Thank you for the translation once again.

  2. Chinese translation of the post is here, http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2840457597
    Thank you so much for the hard work. Cannot be prouder being his fan!
    Happy Lunar New Year!

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