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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi’s Kind Donation ‘Making Ricecake Soup with Kids’

Seunggi~ why are you so awesome?!?!  Hope there’s more!  English translation…

Lee Seung Gi’s Kind Donation ‘Making Ricecake Soup with Kids’
Jan. 27, 2014

English: LSGfan, Video: chosunmedia

Chef: At home, you use pretty much only one type of ricecake, right?  Since you were all coming, I made all of these.  What could this be?
Kid: Pickled radish.
Chef: Pickled radish? Is that what it looks like? Ok, let’s taste it and see if it is pickled radish. (omg Seunggi is SO into this class! Ha). This one is made out of gardenia seeds. (omg Seungi mouths the word after the chef says it! So cute~). There’s a gardenia fruit, a yellow fruit.

(Seunggi and Chef cut their rice cakes)

Chef: Ah~ we finished at the same time! (Seunggi so cute.)
Host: There was a friend here who wanted to try this…
Chef: You can compete against Lee Seunggi.
Seunggi: You mean in cutting?
Kids: Yes~
Seunggi: I’m usually pretty competitive in those kinds of things~ hehe

(Aw~photo of the kid competitor, with the chef and Seunggi)

Seunggi: You have to be careful so you don’t hurt your hand. (Aw~ patting the kid’s hand) If you try to go too fast, your hand could be in trouble~ (Aw the kid and Seunggi are too cute.)

(Ha~ Seunggi wasn’t joking. He’s competitive but slows down)

Seunggi: Be careful with your hand~
Kids: He’s able to slice them thinly.

(Wahhh~ Seunggi helps girl with her cutting!!!)

Seunggi: Start from here and cut~ (OMG. Seunggi so natural~ wraps himself behind the girl and her hands to guide her~)  If you do your hand like that, you’ll hurt your hand. Place it down like this.  (Aw since the girl struggles, Seunggi helps her out and gets animated~) Press down~ Press down~~

He is such an awesome guy~~~ in the realest, consistent way!


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One Response

  1. Thanks for the translation, and your fangirling comment always so witty.. :)
    Really love this video, I’m playing it again and again..
    I always love kids, they’re so cute, but when this jitter-eyes man focused with his mouth open sit beside those kids, I couldn’t tell which one is more adorable. And how he take care and guide the kids is so..
    HOuh.. SeungGi is really a handsome-cute-gentle man.. >_<

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